2 Crime Scenes You Might Encounter and What to Do

Crime is an unfortunate reality in our world. That means anyone can encounter a crime scene at any time. Knowing what to do when you come across or are a victim of a crime scene can be difficult. In these moments, there can be many factors to consider, including ensuring your health and safety. Georgia Clean can help with crime scene clean-up services across Atlanta and surrounding regions. Whether you are a homeowner, business owner, or an individual who has encountered a crime scene of any kind, we can help with fast and responsive services. You can learn more about our service by visiting our website today! Here is a deeper dive into two crime scenes you might encounter and what to do. 

Business and Home Robberies 

Robberies can happen at a place of business or within any neighborhood. Nobody is immune to the dangers of someone breaking into their home or commercial property. However, robbery can quickly become more than just a case of stolen property. Robberies can often escalate into more dangerous and potentially deadly situations. If you are caught in the middle of a robbery, your life could be at risk. Even after the fact, numerous biohazards and property damage issues can pose hazards to individuals involved. Plus, you don’t have to be present at the scene of a robbery for these risks to still affect you after the fact. In the aftermath of a robbery, bloodborne pathogens can be present even with more minor things like shattered glass. 

Traumatic Car Accidents Crime Scene Clean-Up Services

One of the most common scenes you might encounter are traumatic and violent car accidents. When accidents occur, numerous hazards are present in the aftermath. Even if you avoid major or deadly injuries, blood and other bodily fluids are likely to present on the scene. In addition, car-related issues might put you at risk of broken bones, burns, or inhaling dangerous substances. However, Georgia Clean can also help with crime scene clean-up services and car accident cleaning help. 

What You Should Do

If you encounter these or any other type of crime scene, what should you do? First and foremost, remain calm and clear-headed so you can make the right choice. Secondly, if emergency services have not already been called, give them a call immediately. Depending on the nature of the crime, police, medical professionals, and fire personnel might be necessary.  

Contact Georgia Clean for Crime Scene Clean-Up Services 

Finally, you will want to contact Georgia Clean for our comprehensive crime scene clean-up services. Our services are detailed and include biohazard removal and sanitization cleaning. We help with investigators and funeral home partners to help make your entire experience easier. Furthermore, we have years of experience with all types of crime scenes including suicides, murders, car crashes, and other traumatic events. At Georgia Clean, we always practice the highest levels of discretion with unmarked vehicles and plain uniforms. Give us a call today if you are ready to get started at 770-464-5207. You can count on Georgia Clean anytime.