3 Crime Scenes That Need Reliable Cleanup Services

Crime scenes are a reality that we hope you never have to encounter in your lifetime. However, many individuals find themselves present at the scene of crime or nearby in its aftermath, which can put them at risk. Crime scenes can present biohazards with contamination and waste. Even minor crimes might pose a threat to your health and wellbeing. Furthermore, biohazardous substances such as human body waste, blood spills, or water contaminants are even more dangerous to individuals with pre-existing health conditions or in immunosuppressed categories. If you are pregnant, elderly, or have a young child, you might fall into this classification. This makes it even more important to seek professional help for crime scene cleaning. Here are three crime scenes that need reliable cleanup services from Georgia Clean. Learn more by visiting our website to explore all of our reliable cleanup services today! 

Homicides Scenes & Biohazards Present 

Homicide scenes are not only horrific and traumatic for everyone involved; they can also be extremely hazardous. Many biohazards can be present in the aftermath of homicide, including the presence of bloodborne pathogens, human urine and feces, saliva, and other bodily fluids. Even after authorities have conducted their investigation and the deceased has been removed, these hazards remain. 

Regular cleaning won’t eliminate the danger these hazards pose to individuals. In fact, it takes specialized cleaning methods, solutions, and techniques to eliminate all sources of biohazards present in the aftermath of a homicide crime scene. Reliable cleanup services from Georgia Clean are the safest route for everyone involved. It is also wise to seek medical attention if you have been in contact with the scene and might have been exposed to biohazards. 

Reliable Cleanup Services for Severe Car Accidents

Many people don’t think about what happens at the scene of a severe car accident after the initial paperwork and investigation have occurred. However, cleanup services work behind the scenes to disinfect, clean, sterilize, and remove potential hazards. That’s where Georgia Clean’s specialized team comes in. We work tirelessly and discreetly to remove biohazards present in severe crime scene accidents and traumatic scenes of all types. We can work directly with local emergency responders during the initial response window to expedite their processes and get everyone to a safe and healthy environment ASAP!

Crime Scene Residue Cleanup Services

We also offer comprehensive crime scene residue cleanup services at Georgia Clean. After the police have documented their investigations of crime scenes, it can feel like your home or place of business are a mess. That’s why we are here to help. We remove residue from crime scene investigations and clean up your property quickly. Residues such as fingerprint powder, chemicals used in gathering evidence, fire extinguisher residue, and pepper spray residue are often present after emergency responders investigate a scene. Therefore, using step-by-step methods to remove these residues without harming your property’s belongings or surfaces is our top priority. Call us today if you require crime scene cleaning you can rely on. 

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Nobody wants to be the victim of a crime or discover a crime scene on their property. However, this happens to even the most prepared of individuals and requires the help of reliable cleanup services to intervene in the aftermath. At Georgia Clean, we respect our clients’ discretion and identity. Therefore, for every service we provide, we use unmarked vans and uniforms. Furthermore, we work quickly so that you can reclaim your property as soon as possible. Call us today for all of your crime scene cleanup needs at 770-464-5207.