3 Things We Need to Know on a Suicide by Gunshot Cleanup Call

Dealing with the effects of a loved one’s suicide is a trauma no one ever wants to experience. If someone you love has killed themselves, though, we are here to help clean up the aftermath and restore your Atlanta property of all bodily fluids so everyone is safe from any health effects in the future.

If your loved one has killed themselves by gunshot in Atlanta, there are three key pieces of information we could use when you call us to clean it up. If you don’t know the information, that’s okay but it would be helpful if you tell us the following when you call:

  1. Type of Gun Used
    The type of gun a person uses when committing suicide can have different effects on the amount of cleanup needed to restore the property. When you call us to come to the scene, please let us know the caliber and type of gun used if you have that information. If you don’t, that is okay.

  2. Type of RoomDifferent rooms in a building or home can have vastly different surfaces. A bedroom will have a lot of fabric, rugs, and carpet to dispose of along with a mattress. A kitchen or bathroom, on the other hand, can have a lot of tile and stone in the area which will need decontamination and sanitizing. For each surface, we have special industrial-grade cleaning products to make sure they are free of all bodily fluids and safe for anyone to use. By letting us know what kind of room needs to be clean, we can make sure we bring plenty of cleaners for the types of surfaces we’ll be cleaning.

  3. Has the Coroner Released the Scene?Before we begin cleaning, the police need to have finished their investigation and released the scene. In addition, the coroner needs to have already picked up the body before we can begin to take care of whatever material has been left behind. If the police and coroner have completed their work, we can come right away. If they are still completing their tasks, we can be on standby to begin as soon as they’re done.

Need Support?

There are multiple groups in the local area who can provide support for both suicide prevention and helping family and friends cope after a loved one dies.