3 Things You Can Do to Prepare for Hoarding Clean-Up

If you or someone you know is suffering from a hoarding problem, there is help nearby. With the support of family and friends, hoarding clean-up can go quickly and leave loved ones’ homes deeply sanitized. After Georgia Clean’s reliable hoarding clean-up service cleans out and sanitizes your property, it will once again be safe to inhabit. Preparing for hoarding clean-up is critical before the professional arrives. This period can help prepare loved ones for a fresh start in their newly decluttered and disinfected home. Here are three things you can do to prepare for hoarding clean-up services today!

Set Up a Support Team

The first step to approaching a professional hoarding clean-up service is preparing loved ones. You should consider setting up a trusted support team. Whether you live in a hoarding situation or are seeking assistance for someone you love, a support team is critical. Being surrounded by people who you can trust to support you along the way ensures you will stick with the hoarding clean-up plan.

If it’s a loved one who suffers from a hoarding condition, a network of friends and family is also helpful. This network can encourage them to pursue better living conditions for themselves. Seeking professional help from a hoarding psychiatric expert is also wise. They have the proper training to work with you and your loved ones to approach the hoarding clean-up service properly.

List Priority Areas for Hoarding Clean-Up Services

Before you call a hoarding clean-up service, you should prepare a priority list. This list will show areas on your property that are the most cluttered. Any professional hoarding service can tackle projects of all sizes. However, it is helpful to create a plan of where to start and proceed from there. Areas with a higher risk of biohazards or contaminants should be at the top of your list.

A comprehensive list of specific hoarding issues can also be helpful for contacting a hoarding expert. For example, if animal hoarding or food hoarding is a particular issue, disclosing this info is helpful. It will allow your cleaning company to prepare properly ahead of time for your hoarding clean-up.

Contact a Hoarding Cleaning Service

The final step to prepare for hoarding clean-up is to contact a service in your area that offers trusted hoarding clean-up procedures. Georgia Clean is your local clean-up service for Atlanta and surrounding areas. We even provide specialists in specific types of hoarding situations, including animal hoarding. Come prepared with any details that might be helpful for your hoarding clean-up team to prepare ahead of time. We always work with you in these difficult times to provide a thorough clean-up and sanitization of your entire property.

For More Information About Hoarding Clean-Up Services

Georgia Clean is just a phone call away if you require hoarding cleaning services. You can rely on us if you have further questions. With 24/7 response time, you can reach us at 770-464-5207. Covered by insurance, licensed and bonded, and here to help today, you can count on Georgia Clean anytime.