3 Times You Might Need Dead Body Cleanup Services

While it may be an unpleasant topic to think about, dead body cleanup services are a necessary part of life. You might never require them in your life, but it’s important to be aware of situations where these services might be required. When someone you love passes away, there is both emotional trauma as well as physical problems, such as hazardous substances present at the scene. Dealing with a loss is already complicated enough that adding cleaning the affected area to your to-do list is not wise. Furthermore, proper dead body site cleanup is not achievable with your average household cleaners. Industrial cleaning solutions and equipment as well as protective hazmat gear should always be worn. 

Therefore, it’s best to leave dead body cleanup of all types to the experts at Georgia Clean. We can help with fast, reliable, and discreet services. We also partner with local funeral homes and insurance companies. Here are three times you might need dead body cleanup services. 

The Suicide of a Loved One

Suicides are extremely difficult for loved ones to cope with. Questions of why your loved one took their own life and feelings of guilt are common. During the aftermath of a suicide, dead body cleanup services can help you concentrate on healing. You might seek a local psychologist or therapist with a specialization in suicide loss grieving. Never attempt to clean up the scene of a loved one’s suicide – for both emotional and health reasons. Suicide scenes often pose numerous biohazards, from blood spills to pathogens or other bodily fluids that can cause the transmission of diseases.

An Undetected Death

There are numerous biohazards involved with undetected death. Bodies that have gone for long periods without being discovered are further into the stages of decomposition. This means bodily fluids and other dangers are more likely to be present. In some cases, the odors alone can be hazardous to individuals who come across these traumatic situations. 

Therefore, dead body cleanup service providers with experience in removing decomposing bodies are critical. After the body’s removal, a completed inspection, cleaning, and disinfection of the scene are necessary. Even on the surface level, damage is often worse than it seems to be. It can seep into subflooring, walls, ceilings, and furniture. Georgia Clean’s expert dead body cleanup team can eliminate these hazards and make the property safe to re-enter.  

Dead Body Cleanup For Homicide Scenes

The scene of homicide is something we hope you will never encounter. However, as a home or business owner, sometimes the worst happens and there’s a homicide on your property. As a result, professional body cleanup services that specialize in working with emergency personnel at homicides should be one of your first points of contact. Georgia Clean has years of experience dealing with these situations. 

Contact Us For Dead Body Cleanup

Dealing with the loss of someone you loved is already an emotionally tense situation. Don’t suffer through your loss and worry about cleaning up the scene of your loved one’s passing alone. Let Georgia Clean’s expert dead body cleanup team help with respect and fast and affordable services. Contact us today by calling 770-766-9457 to learn more.