3 Ways To Prepare for Your Estate Sale

When someone you love passes away, there are many things to do after funeral arrangements have been handled. However, dealing with something like cleaning out your loved one’s estate can be emotionally difficult. Additionally, estate cleaning requires time, energy, and a lot of helping hands. Sometimes families simply don’t have the capability or the emotional wellbeing to handle this task in the aftermath of a loss. That’s why professional estate cleanout services from Georgia Clean are a useful resource for anyone who needs a helping hand. These reliable and speedy estate cleaning services can help anyone in Atlanta and the surrounding areas clean out, disinfect, and put their relative’s home on the market. Learn more about our services by visiting our website. Here are three ways you can prepare for your estate sale with Georgia Clean’s estate cleanout services.  

Remove Important Documents and Family Heirlooms

Before you hire a professional estate clean-out service, it’s wise to go through and remove any family heirlooms, personal possessions and keepsakes, and documents of any value. Valuable documents include identification information, tax papers, and other legal documents. However, you might also want to check for cherished letters and keepsakes that could be passed down through your family. During the cleanout process, having these items secured makes the professional job run more smoothly. But don’t worry – we will never dispose of anything without your consent, especially if it’s important. 

Begin a List of Pricing Items

If you are planning out having an estate sale, you can begin pricing items according to your family’s wishes before a cleanout service arrives. This will make it easy to set up, organize and label items, and begin your sale sooner.  You can research larger items and price them according to their market value. Sometimes elderly family members have collected antiques or other valuables which could be worth more than you think. You can price smaller items and clothing according to most sale prices. 

Contact Georgia Clean Estate Cleanout Services 

Finally, you will want to contact Georgia Clean for their experience in estate cleanout services. We make preparing for your estate sale easier with discreet and comprehensive cleanout services. Plus, we can tackle spaces of all types from apartments to houses, barns, and even places of business. At Georgia Clean, we’ve built our services on principles of integrity, care, and compassion. We always ensure we meet your needs in the most respectful manner possible. That’s why our estate cleanout services are comprehensive, covering asset removal, document retrieval, content removal, preparation for property sale, and extreme cleaning and sanitation services. For more information, visit our website to give us a call today 770-464-5207.