4 Hazards to Know About As A Warehouse Owner

Working in a warehouse can pose numerous hazards to employee health and safety. Warehouses are dangerous places if employers and employees are not practicing proper safety protocols and cleaning techniques. Sometimes warehouse hazards can become life-threatening to staff on duty. Georgia Clean is going to help you learn about some hazards you might face in a warehouse setting. Here are four hazards to know about as a warehouse owner. 

Heavy and Dangerous Machinery

Working in a warehouse requires the operation of heavy and dangerous machinery. Everything from operating lifts to industrial vats and manufacturing equipment can pose a safety hazard. Wearing protective gear such as goggles, gloves, and suits is important. Furthermore, paying attention to the work before you is also key to reducing the risk of a worksite accident. Finally, management should be responsible for overseeing employees’ actions in a busy warehouse setting with heavy and dangerous machinery nearby. 

Industrial Solvents and Chemicals

Industrial solvents and chemicals might also be present in a warehouse setting. Improperly stored chemicals can lead to fumigation issues or increase the risk of fires on a warehouse property. Furthermore, chemicals should not be handled without proper protective gear and personal safety protocols. Georgia Clean helps warehouse owners clean up industrial chemical messes. This reduces the risk of employees improperly removing chemical hazards from a scene. 

Biohazards on the Scene 

Warehouses also have many biohazards present. Biohazards include any natural biological substance that might pose a risk to individual health and wellbeing. Biohazards that might occur in a warehouse setting include bloodborne pathogens, animal waste products, mold spores, and other bodily fluids. As a result, being aware of biohazards is the first step in protecting your employees from danger.  After that, contacting a professional biohazard removal team is the second step to making your warehouse a safe space for everyone. 

Sharp Objects

Finally, warehouse hazards might include sharp objects that could cause severe injury if mishandled. Blades, industrial equipment, box cutters, and forklifts could pose a safety hazard if proper procedures are not in place. Eliminating these hazards from your warehouse takes a combination of good training, proper protective gear, and the right measures to ensure employee safety always comes first. 

Georgia Clean Warehouse Hazards Services 

Georgia Clean commits to following strict OSHA guidelines with all of our services. Additionally, we provide our clients with 24/7 emergency service for all their warehouse hazard needs. Whether you are dealing with an industrial accident, biohazard on the scene, or a chemical spill, we can help today!

At Georgia Clean, we understand that putting employees’ warehouse safety first matters to warehouse owners. Dealing with warehouse accidents can be a stressful and traumatic experience for everyone involved. However, we step in to help take some of the burdens off your shoulders with our quick and respectful services. We use unmarked uniforms and vehicles to protect your identity and situation. Contact us today to tackle all your warehouse hazards at 770-629-0786 for immediate assistance, or complete the online form for more information.