4 Services Georgia Clean Offers Law Enforcement Professionals

If you work in the law enforcement field, then you are likely aware of the numerous scenes which require biohazard and hazmat cleanup. Everything from crime scenes to the investigation of someone’s suicide will require detailed biohazard removal services from a seasoned professional. Georgia Clean is the Atlanta area’s leading biohazard, death site, and hazmat cleaning team to aid law enforcement professionals. Our law enforcement services help police officers and others handle crime scenes with discretion, professionalism, and safety. Here are four services that are specifically helpful to law enforcement professionals that we offer at Georgia Clean. Visit our website or contact us to learn more about our full-service offerings today!

Bodily Fluid Cleanup Services 

One of the most common law enforcement services we offer is bodily fluid cleanup. Bodily fluid cleanup services can be a necessary element of investigating crime scenes as well as accidents of all natures. Any scene where human bodily fluids are present or thought to have contaminated property will require professional invention. After law enforcement personnel have conducted any necessary investigations and documentation of the scene, they can help property owners contact our Georgia Clean experts

When we arrive on the scene, we will begin sealing off contaminated areas and figuring out the best course of action to eliminate all bodily fluids that are present. We ensure that bodily fluids are not just removed on the surface level but deep within all surfaces to truly eradicate any potential biohazards. 

Dead Body Cleanup

Law enforcement services at Georgia Clean also include dead body cleanup services. These services are designed to tackle a scene after a body was discovered, sometimes after a prolonged period. When someone passes away, the body naturally begins to deteriorate, immediately leaking bodily fluids and causing decay. Over time, this releases harmful particles into the air as well as fluids that may seep into surfaces at the site. Georgia Clean’s team works fast with law enforcement professionals to quickly investigate and clean up these scenes effectively.

Law Enforcement Services for Hoarding Situations

While it’s not as common, in some cases, law enforcement personnel might be involved in a hoarding cleanout. In these instances, it’s best to enlist the help of seasoned experts in hoarding cleanup services. Servicing local law enforcement across the Atlanta area, Georgia Clean knows how to handle hoarding sites both large and small. From animal hoarding situations to collections of household waste and beyond, we are here to help. Our law enforcement services in hoarding situations help professionals delicately handle hoarding sites to bring properties up to code and ensure the safety of individuals living in the space. 

Meth Lab Cleanup Services

Finally, our meth lab cleanup services are an essential resource for law enforcement professionals in the region. After a meth lab has been discovered, numerous hazardous chemicals and dangers are present, including the risk of explosion. Therefore, it’s best for law enforcement professionals to work closely with professional meth lab cleaning services from Georgia Clean to ensure the safety of everyone around.

Contact Us for Law Enforcement Services

For law enforcement professionals in the Atlanta, Georgia area, there is help for crime scene cleaning. From meth labs to homicide scenes where bodily fluids are present, we are here to serve our community. Learn more and get started by visiting our website. You can also call us at 770-766-9457 anytime!