5 Things Homeowners Need to Know About Pathogens

Pathogens of all types might be lurking in your home right now. That can be scary for anyone, especially people with pre-existing health conditions, compromised immune systems, or young children present in the household. Learning everything you can about the dangers of these pathogens is the best way to prepare and fight back. Pathogens transmission is a serious threat to human health and wellbeing. Luckily, your local pathogen and biohazard clean-up team at Georgia Clean is here to help you stay healthy year-round. Learn more by visiting our website to learn about all of our comprehensive cleaning, maintenance, and restoration services.

Here are five things homeowners need to know about pathogens. 

Pathogens Can Come In All Types

Pathogens come in all types and forms. A biohazard is any living organism that might cause harm to another living organism’s health and wellbeing. A pathogen is just a more specific type of biohazard. A pathogen is a biohazard that can produce disease specifically in humans. That means bacteria and viruses are the most common pathogens threatening humans. However, it’s not that simple. There are several types of bacteria and viruses; some of them are good for us, like the bacteria that live in our digestive systems. 

You Can’t See Them

These organisms are microscopic, which means they are even more dangerous in your homes. You don’t even know they are there, causing you to be sick. Therefore, it’s essential to stay on top of regular cleaning protocols in your household to help reduce the transmission of pathogens. If you or someone you know has recently been sick with a serious illness, it’s best to hire a detailed in-home biohazard cleaning service. They can sanitize and disinfect every surface in your home to reduce pathogens transmission from individuals. 

Pathogens Can Evolve 

It’s also important to note that pathogens can evolve. Just as humans have evolved, so have the harmful virus and bacteria that can make us ill. This also means staying on top of your latest immunizations is vital. Furthermore, evolving pathogens mean you need regular in-home cleaning services. Once a year isn’t enough to eliminate harmful pathogens from the transmission of new and evolved illnesses. 

You Can’t Stop Pathogens Transmission Yourself

Some bacteria and viruses are easily killed with home cleaning products and solutions. However, others are more immune to these simple cleaning solutions. Even common solutions like bleach and Lysol disinfectants can only go so far in protecting you from pathogens transmission. That’s where the professionals come in. With years of training and expertise under their belts and industrial tools such as electrostatic disinfection equipment, they can truly eliminate pathogens in your home. These measures can reduce pathogens transmission significantly when standard cleaning just isn’t enough. 

Georgia Clean Can Help Defeat Pathogens Transmission

Finally, every homeowner should be aware of how the biohazard and hazmat clean-up team at Georgia Clean can help. Georgia Clean serves Atlanta and surrounding areas with reliable cleaning techniques proven to reduce pathogens transmission. We help property owners of all types reclaim their homes with fast and detailed biohazard cleaning services. Call us today at 770-464-5207 to learn more about what we have to offer at Georgia Clean.