Kennesaw Crime Scene Cleanup Services

Georgia Clean offers expedited, compassionate, and professional crime scene cleanup services to all of Kennesaw’s residents. Since we work directly with insurance companies, we handle all of the paperwork and never ask for a down payment. Homeowner’s insurance covers the majority of our services.

Hoarding and Clutter Cleanup in Kennesaw

At Georgia Clean, we provide compassionate hoarding and clutter cleanup for residents in and around Kennesaw. Because we understand the physiological factors at play with hoarding scenes, we carefully work to make the resident a part of the solution. After we remove the clutter, our experts meticulously clean and sanitize the area.

We use state-of-the-art practices and equipment to ensure there are no remnants of any biological pollutants or hoarding elements left behind.

Kennesaw Undiscovered Death Cleanup

As tragic as it may be, some people in Kennesaw pass away without anyone knowing. If the body is left untouched for as little as a day, it will start to decompose and fluids will begin to leak. In addition to dealing with the tragic event, family members may be left to clean the remains of the undiscovered death.

The experts at Georgia Clean offer 24/7 emergency services for fast and discreet unattended Kennesaw Crime Scene Cleanup. In almost all instances, we are able to arrive at your home or business within the hour of receiving the call. Once we arrive, we will work to remove contaminants, sterilize the environment, eliminate odors, and restore the integrity of the home.

Feces and Urine Cleanup

Sometimes soap and water are not enough to clean and decontaminate areas that have been soiled with urine and/or feces. These excrements may spread viruses as well as other infectious diseases. Instead of attempting to perform feces and urine cleanup in Kennesaw, trust the professionals at Georgia Clean.

Our professionals will quickly arrive at your home and provide discreet services to remove the matter. After doing so, we will carefully deodorize and sanitize your home. At Georgia Clean, we have one ultimate goal – to assist you in any way possible.

Why Kennesaw Families and Businesses Choose Georgia Clean

Unlike other companies, all of our employees are drug tested and required to pass a strenuous background check. We do this as an added level of protection and to ensure the highest possible level of service. All of our employees receive hands-on training from the owner, who remains on-site throughout the cleanup.

Anytime we remove hazardous waste, we always follow the guidelines set forth by OSHA, the GA EPD, and any Kennesaw local statutes. At Georgia Clean we always go the extra mile because your satisfaction and comfort is our goal.

Contact Georgia Clean for Confidential Services in Kennesaw

Georgia Clean offers innovative and effective solutions for a virtually all biohazard removal and remediation situations. Regardless of your situation, we promise to use a professional and caring touch to deliver timely, confidential, and compassionate services. In addition to the services previously listed, we provide:

Contact Georgia Clean for immediate help with a Kennesaw Crime Scene Cleanup.