Our mission is to offer a helping hand to lessen the stress of a traumatic event. Whether you are dealing with a homicide, suicide, hoarding issue, or any other emotional or stressful situation – trust the experienced professionals at Georgia Clean. We will guide you through the process of getting your home back to the way it used to be – so you can start the healing process. Continue reading to learn more about some of our most trusted resources.

Homicide Survivor and Co-Victim Groups

Losing a loved one through a traumatic death is one of the worst experiences anyone can face. A co-victim or homicide survivor can be siblings, spouses, partners, children, or friends who have been impacted by the death of a loved one by homicide or suicide. The following resources are designed to help you along the road of recovery.

National Homicide Survivor and Co-Victim Groups

Georgia Homicide Survivor and Co-Victim Groups

Victim Assistance Resources & Groups

If you were a victim of a traumatic event, it can leave you scarred. We have compiled a list of resources designed to help you process and move forward with your life.

National Victim Resources & Groups

Georgia Victim Resources & Groups

  • GA Criminal Justice Coordinating Council (404) 657-1956
  • Fulton County Victim Assistance (404) 612-1486
  • Area Agency on Aging (404) 463-3100
  • Cobb County Victim Assistance
  • Clayton County Victim Assistance (770) 603-4110
  • Douglas County Victim Assistance (770) 920-7292
  • Cherokee County Victim Assistance (770) 479-1488
  • Paulding County Victim Assistance (419) 399 -4476

Hoarding Assistance Groups

Hoarding can have devastating emotional, physical, social, and financial impact on the hoarder and their family. This disorder can also have harsh legal ramifications, especially if animals or small children are involved. If you or someone you know is battling a hoarding addiction, use the following resources to get local help.

Informational Hoarding Sites

Online Support Groups for Hoarders

Online Support Groups for Spouses and Children of Hoarders

  • Children of Hoarders
  • Overcoming Hoarding Together (Yahoo Support Group – must be signed into yahoo to access)

What to say to children after a death

Here are some videos that may help with speaking to children about a death.

Trust Georgia Clean for a Solution

The experts at Georgia Clean offer extensive experience in the field of traumatic scene remediation. Because of this experience, we have partnered and forged alliances with support groups in Atlanta and all around Georgia.

We are here for you from the time you first contact us, to long after the cleaning services have been completed. For more information or to request service, call us at 770-766-4562 for an immediate response, or fill out our online contact form.