Are Human Feces a Biohazard?

By definition, bio hazardous waste is any waste containing infectious material. Among many other infectious diseases, human feces can carry:

  • C. diff
  • cholera
  • E coli
  • Dysentery
  • Norovirus
  • Hepatitis A and E
  • Giardia
  • Pinworms

All of these diseases are dangerous, even fatal, so human feces is a biohazard. However, human fecal matter is not classified as medical waste so the additional regulations on how a state handles the material varies widely. (Georgia’s Biohazard Waste Regulations)

Cleaning Up Human Feces

If you, a friend, or employee is faced with having to clean up human feces here in the greater Atlanta, Georgia area, it’s vitally important to protect yourself from being infected with any diseases carried by the fecal matter. Some of the situations you may be faced with when human feces needs to be cleaned up can include:

  • Being a landlord whose tenant has left human feces in the house
  • Having to clean a hoarded house filled with human and animal waste
  • Dealing with a sewage backup on your property
  • Cleaning up after a homeless encampment
  • Working as an employee responsible for cleaning public bathrooms

In all of these situations, while you are allowed to clean up bio hazardous human feces yourself or have an employee do it (dependent on company policy), and then throw it away in the regular trash, you are still held liable in the state of Georgia for whatever repercussions occur from having to handle the matter.

In addition to the danger to yourself, some of the diseases human feces carry are incredibly dangerous and hard to kill. If every microscopic bit of bio hazardous waste is not cleaned up and properly disposed of, someone can still get sick down the road from whatever is left behind. In fact, most household cleaning products can’t fully kill the diseases carried by human fecal matter. Only industrial-grade cleaners can thoroughly eradicate all the viruses and bacteria found in human waste.

Protect Yourself from Liability

Do not risk infection by putting yourself or others into danger through coming into contact with these diseases. Sanitizing a home or business that has been exposed to bio-hazardous materials requires professional safety and cleaning equipment as well as specialized training.

Make the job easy and protect yourself and others from all potential liability by hiring professional cleaners. They are trained to deal with human waste and other bio hazardous materials. A team of professional cleaners will come in with personal protective equipment and specialized cleaners to remove all of the waste, properly discard any porous material such as carpet or fabric that cannot be saved, and they will then clean, disinfect, and sanitize all remaining surfaces. In addition, professional bio hazard cleaners will also take care of any strong, lingering odors needing to be dealt with. You can then rest easy in the knowledge that the area is truly fresh and clean.

Call Us if You Have Any Questions

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