Atlanta Residents Calling in Crime Tips

Residents of Atlanta have recently taken a larger role in crime-solving throughout the metro area. Fed up with the even higher rate of violent crime throughout the city, people are doing something about it by calling in tips and providing information leading to arrests and convictions. Whether their reasons are due to the horrific nature of the crime, the cash reward for useful information, or to help lower the amount of violence committed upon fellow citizens, such tips can be vital when making arrests and cleaning up the streets.

People are frustrated with the crime in Atlanta

Between shootings, car jackings, and homicides, people throughout Atlanta are fed up with feeling unsafe and are scared for their lives and the lives of their loved ones. More than ready for strong change and attention to the growing problem, Atlanta residents are looking to do what they can by helping solve the crimes themselves and provide police with needed information.

People offering information on crimes keep anonymity

Anyone who calls in to report information and help solve a crime is 100% anonymous. If reward money for information is given, the tipster is given a control number over the phone they can then take to the bank where they are given cash. If additional information is needed, a person is always referred to by their control number, never their name. In this way, anyone offering information on a crime is fully protected.

Stress in Atlanta is high

In addition to the problems of addiction, homelessness and poverty, the COVID-19 pandemic has led to additional job-loss, evictions, and the stress of quarantines. This amount of problems can then lead to greater amounts of crimes being committed. At the same time, the police force is struggling to deal with these crimes by staffing all areas of the city and working with residents. With a police force under a stress of its own, officers are retiring or moving to other locations at an alarming rate. Even though the police force is working on hiring, training, and replacing uniformed police officers, it takes time to recruit new officers and slow the rate of turnover.

We can all help create a safe community in Atlanta

Lowering the rate of crimes committed cannot simply be a problem for the Atlanta Police Department and surrounding police forces to solve. As members of the community, we all have a responsibility to create a safe place for us all to live. Whether that is through providing information on crimes committed, providing mentorship, or small actions such as cleaning up litter around your block, we can each find ways to make our city of Atlanta a better and safer place to be.

Need crime scene cleanup?

If you have been the victim of a crime and need crime scene cleanup in Atlanta, Georgia Clean will be there with professionalism and compassion to help you restore your property so you can move forward. You can reach us 24/7 at 770-766-4562.

Have a tip for police?

If you have information on an unsolved crime, you can contact Atlanta police by calling their tip line at 404-577-8477 (TIPS) or by submitting a tip online at their Crime Stoppers website.