The Surprising Purposes of Blowflies

Life Cycle of a Blowfly

For most of us, blowflies are a nuisance we do our utmost to be rid of. In fact, there is a whole industry built around removing them from our environments. Willing to do whatever it takes, we buy traps, fly swatters, and screens to keep them away from our porches and outside of our homes.… Read the full article

6 Things You Can Do to Help Save a Life This Holiday Season

Suicide Help

It is always heartbreaking for us at Georgia Clean to enter a scene where someone has lost their life whether from an accident, suicide, or murder. When that scene involves someone committing suicide, we are left asking the same questions as everyone else: why? Though the springtime is when the suicide rate goes up the… Read the full article

What Do You Do With A Mattress After Someone Has Died?

What to Do With a Mattress After a Death

When a person passes away on a mattress without being found for a time or dies on a bed from a traumatic injury like a suicide, a family will often look at the soiled material and think it simply needs to be thrown away or the visible surface cleaned and the mattress reused. Throwing away… Read the full article

When Do You Find Help for a Hoarder?

Hoarding Help

Many of us know someone who has packed their houses full of clutter. Perhaps there are even bedrooms or a living room filled with boxes. You know day-to-day living is difficult for them but you’re not sure if you should step in to help. With so many people on the spectrum of hoarding and so… Read the full article

Hoarding Can Lead to Tragedy

Hoarding Fire Hazards

Two short weeks ago in Gainesville, Georgia, a woman died of smoke inhalation when her apartment caught on fire. With all the items she’d hoarded piled nearly to the ceiling, the firemen found it difficult to enter the space and look for the woman trapped inside. By the time they were able to find their… Read the full article

Protecting Yourself and Your Loved Ones from the Flu

Flu Disinfectant

With how common the flu is every winter, it can be easy to pass it off as a relatively minor disease. However, every year people are hospitalized with the flu and some even die. Those most at risk are older adults, children, pregnant women, and people with a variety of other chronic medical conditions. Currently,… Read the full article