Georgia Clean Assists Cobb County Police After Accident

Cobb County, GA Freeway Closure

In recent news, a 29-year-old man entered the westbound lanes on Interstate 285 on foot early on a Thursday morning when he was instantly hit and killed by multiple vehicles. As numerous automobiles were involved in the accident, the scene was extensive. Our staff at Georgia Clean were honored to be called upon to assist… Read the full article

Disease Management: Knowing Is Half the Battle

Disease Management

GI Joe’s motto is “Knowing is half the battle”. I have been in the crime, trauma and death scene business for 24 years. In doing this, unique needs have found their way to my door. Hoarding, teargas, meth labs and infectious disease management. All which were not part of my original business model. I personally… Read the full article

Effectively Treating Coronavirus for 24 Years


GUESS WHAT??!!!! has been effectively treating for Coronavirus for 24 years, just like Clorox and Lysol has. HOW SO, Mr. Gordy??? Georgia Clean performs, trains and operates under universal precautions and practices. This means we treat for numerous viruses and bacteria at almost every scene we work on. Every incident scene must weigh on… Read the full article

Does Hand Sanitizer Really Work?

Hand Sanitizers

Many of us have seen and probably used the bottles of hand sanitizer in the front of grocery stores, at the bank, in hospitals and schools, or we keep one to use in our bags or in the car. Especially now that we’re in the midst of cold and flu season and with all the… Read the full article

The Surprising Purposes of Blowflies

Life Cycle of a Blowfly

For most of us, blowflies are a nuisance we do our utmost to be rid of. In fact, there is a whole industry built around removing them from our environments. Willing to do whatever it takes, we buy traps, fly swatters, and screens to keep them away from our porches and outside of our homes.… Read the full article

6 Things You Can Do to Help Save a Life This Holiday Season

Suicide Help

It is always heartbreaking for us at Georgia Clean to enter a scene where someone has lost their life whether from an accident, suicide, or murder. When that scene involves someone committing suicide, we are left asking the same questions as everyone else: why? Though the springtime is when the suicide rate goes up the… Read the full article