Measles Outbreak – 3 Here in Atlanta, Georgia

Measles Outbreak

At one time, measles was a prevalent disease in the United States. Many people have died from the measles and still do in other parts of the world. Due to a vaccine created in 1957, most people in our country are now immune to the virus and measles has all but disappeared throughout the U.S.… Read the full article

What is a Log Kill?

Log Kill Rate

When you are dealing with biohazard cleanups of dangerous bacteria and viruses, you want to make sure that whatever decontamination product is being used is able to kill as many viruses and bacteria as possible.  One way you can measure the effectiveness of a decontaminate is to compare the “log kill rate.” A log kill… Read the full article

3 Things We Need to Know on a Suicide by Gunshot Cleanup Call

Suicide by Gunshot Questions

Dealing with the effects of a loved one’s suicide is a trauma no one ever wants to experience. If someone you love has killed themselves, though, we are here to help clean up the aftermath and restore your Atlanta property of all bodily fluids so everyone is safe from any health effects in the future.… Read the full article

How Do I Clean Up Dog Urine from My Used Car?

Dog Urine in Car

Buying a used car is nearly always a risky business. You never know what exactly has been done in the car before you owned it or what people and pets have left behind. You simply have to use your research and best judgment to make sure you’re getting a good deal. If you’ve bought a… Read the full article

Who Cleans Vomit Out Of A Vehicle?

Clean Vomit From a Vehicle

When someone vomits in a work vehicle, time can be of the essence. The longer the substance sits on the upholstery or dash, the more the vomit will harden into the carpet, seep into the cracks and holes, and the odor absorbed by the entire interior. Whether it’s a delivery truck, police vehicle, taxi cab,… Read the full article

How to Clean a House Infected with C. Diff?

How to Clean C Diff

If you or a loved one have been diagnosed with C. Diff (Clostridium Difficile), it’s very important for their home to be thoroughly cleaned before he or she returns from the hospital in order to prevent reinfection. C. Diff Spores Once C. Diff has entered an environment, the spores can successfully live on various surfaces… Read the full article