Who Cleans Vomit Out Of A Vehicle?

Clean Vomit From a Vehicle

When someone vomits in a work vehicle, time can be of the essence. The longer the substance sits on the upholstery or dash, the more the vomit will harden into the carpet, seep into the cracks and holes, and the odor absorbed by the entire interior. Whether it’s a delivery truck, police vehicle, taxi cab,… Read the full article

How to Clean a House Infected with C. Diff?

How to Clean C Diff

If you or a loved one have been diagnosed with C. Diff (Clostridium Difficile), it’s very important for their home to be thoroughly cleaned before he or she returns from the hospital in order to prevent reinfection. C. Diff Spores Once C. Diff has entered an environment, the spores can successfully live on various surfaces… Read the full article

Who Does Suicide Cleanup in Atlanta?

Atlanta Suicide

When a loved one decides to end their own life, the pain of their loss is immense. Not only are you left walking through your grief but if you own the property where they died or are in charge of the person’s estate, you also have to deal with cleaning up the physical mess left… Read the full article

SteraMist: Georgia Clean’s Choice for Decontamination

SteraMist by TOMI

When it comes to biohazard cleanup techniques, we are constantly researching the latest technology available in order to ensure that we offer the best possible service to you and that, when we are done cleaning your Georgia home or business, you and your family are truly safe from all hazards. In this spirit, we are… Read the full article

Who Cleans Up Blood Off Tile in Marietta?

Marietta Blood Cleanup on Tile

Who cleans up blood off tile in Marietta is going to depend on your circumstance. If it’s your blood in your own home and it’s a small amount you may feel comfortable just cleaning the blood up yourself.  If there are known bloodborne pathogens, or you are unsure if the blood contains any sort of… Read the full article

Atlanta Resident Facing a Hoarding Cleanup Notice

Hoarding Cleanup Notices

If your property in Atlanta is a mess and you’ve just received a hoarding cleanup notice to be done by a certain date or face legal proceedings, what do you do? Perhaps you have just inherited property, are renting a house or apartment, or own your own home and have just received a hoarding cleanup… Read the full article