4 Types of Hoarding Cleanup Companies

4 Types of Hoarding Companies

With our culture of buying items we don’t need, it’s no surprise some people accumulate a lot of unnecessary objects in their homes. Most of us can name several things off the top of our heads that we no longer use yet still have. Among us, though, are people who accumulate a large amount of… Read the full article

Do Suicides Really Go Up During the Holidays?

Suicide During the Holidays

Despite our popular cultural myth that suicide goes up along with the Christmas trees and tinsel, this is not actually true. Contrary to the images of George on the bridge in “It’s a Wonderful Life,” during the holidays when friends and family gather closer together, suicide actually drops to its lowest point all year. This… Read the full article

Atlanta Suicide in a Vehicle: What Do We Do with the Car?

Atlanta Suicide Cleanup Vehicle

Experiencing the death of a loved one by suicide is a terrible experience to endure. Being the one responsible for cleaning up after it is harder still. The aftermath can be overwhelming when going through shock and grief and when there are biohazards involved, it can be even more unbearable. Many suicides in Atlanta take… Read the full article

Unattended Death in Your Rental Property in Marietta, GA – Now What?

Unattended Death in Marietta Rental Property

Coming across an unattended death in one’s Marietta rental property is not something most property owners ever expect to experience, but it’s not uncommon for someone to die and not be discovered for a number of days or weeks. Even if a body is left unattended for a short period of time, body fluids quickly… Read the full article

FAQs About Blood-Related Cleanup and Damage

In addition to confusion and unanswered questions, most traumatic events result in significant traces of blood. Blood can carry harmful pathogens, dangerous bacteria, viruses, and incurable diseases. As a result, it’s important to have all traces of the blood safely removed and the area decontaminated by Georgia Clean. What Is the Cleaning Process for Suicides… Read the full article