Breaking Down Our Mission at Georgia Clean

At Georgia Clean, our mission statement is to help home and business owners across the Atlanta, Georgia area with expert cleaning and restoration services. We aim to help individuals when they need us, including in the aftermath of traumatic events, recent catastrophes, and even dangerous crime scenes. With our eco-friendly cleaning solutions and 24/7 emergency call availability, we can provide amazing service to our local community both day and night. You can learn more about what we have to offer on our website or by reaching out to connect to our representatives. Here is your breakdown of our mission at Georgia Clean.

24/7 Emergency Cleanup is Part of Our Mission Statement

As a biohazard and accident cleanup company, we have made it part of our mission statement to be there for our clients whenever they need us the most. That is why we take our 24/7 emergency contact policy seriously. Since accidents can happen anytime, you should also be able to receive expert care anytime. Now you don’t have to wait when emergencies strike. Contact us when you need us, and our professionals will be there to help. 

We Adhere to OSHA Guidelines and Regulations

At Georgia Clean, we adhere to strict OSHA guidelines and regulations. These guidelines are part of our employee onboarding and training. Plus, we keep up to date with any new regulations, standards, or cleaning information shared by OSHA. This helps us best serve our clients with the latest information and the highest standards of quality. 

Discretion, Honesty, and Integrity

Finally, we make it part of our mission statement to practice discretion, honesty, and integrity in all of our services. Honesty means we are always transparent and forthright with our customers. If you ever have questions about our services or the cleanup of your property, just ask. Integrity is practiced in all that we do with our guarantee of good service, honesty, and proper cleaning techniques. Discretion is central to what we do, because we know that traumatic events can be hard enough to deal with without everybody knowing your business. That is why we always use unmarked vehicles and uniforms. 

Contact Us Today to See Our Mission Statement Firsthand

If you need biohazard or emergency cleanup services of any kind, we can help at Georgia Clean. Our mission statement offers honesty, discretion, and 24/7 emergency services you can rely on whenever you need a helping hand. Let our OSHA-compliant team help you today – contact us for more information.