What is the Difference between Hazmat & Biohazard Cleaning?

After an accident, crime, or chemical spill, the entire affected area needs to be cleaned up as quickly as possible in order to mitigate any further damage. When looking online, though, many people come across two different types of companies dedicated to cleaning up hazardous materials: hazmat cleaning and biohazard cleaning. For those unfamiliar with the terms, the two types of companies can be confusing for which one to call. Whatever company you choose to hire, though, you want to make sure the staff there have the skills, equipment, and experience to deal with whatever the situation is in a legal and safe manner, so knowing the distinction between the two types of cleanup is important.

Hazmat Cleaning

When you have a substance that is not from a living organism but that could harm one, you need to call a hazmat company. Hazmat companies clean dangerous materials either from an accident or a property such as:

  • Poisons
  • Propane and gas
  • Oil
  • Acids
  • Chemicals
  • Asbestos
  • Lead

Hazmat cleaning companies are the ones you’ll see at work cleaning up after an oil spill, a broken gas line, or conducting an asbestos abatement on a property. They know what it takes to fully remove the harmful substances in a way that will minimize the damage to the surrounding environment and how to safely dispose of the material once removed. Due to the difference in substances, Hazmat companies also use specialized protective equipment along with different techniques to remove things like oil and poisons from both indoor and outdoor environments. Highly skilled, hazmat teams work quickly and meticulously to make sure all hazards are disposed of properly to prevent further harm.

Biohazard Cleaning

A company dedicated to biohazard cleaning such as Georgia Clean is thoroughly trained and experienced in handling anything of a biological nature—materials that are either living organisms themselves (such as viruses and bacteria) or that have come from a living organism (such as blood and urine). These substances can include but aren’t limited to the following:

  • Blood
  • Bodily fluids
  • Urine
  • Feces
  • Vomit
  • Viruses
  • Bacteria

All of the above material can be dangerous and make a person sick. Catching a disease from them can even be fatal. Whether the substance is a large spill or small, whether from a crime, hoarding, suicide, industrial accident, or infectious disease contamination, an experienced biohazard cleaning company will know just what it takes to tailor a solution to your unique problem and restore your property to pre-event condition.

With personal protective equipment to protect themselves, a biohazard cleanup team will first arrive at your property in a discreet vehicle, describe the process to you, answer any questions you may have, then get to work on discarding any unsalvageable materials before meticulously cleaning and decontaminating the entire affected area. A quality biohazard cleaning company will strictly follow all local and federal rules and regulations to protect you, themselves, and the public.

Though cleaning up blood and other biohazards is dangerous work, biohazard cleanup staff are dedicated to being there for people through some of the most difficult times we experience with kindness and compassion. They know by being there to clean up the mess left behind, they can restore the property and help you move forward.

In addition to blood, bodily fluids, and infectious diseases, many biohazard cleaning companies also provide services such as drug paraphernalia removal, odor removal, mold removal, and the cleaning of chemicals left behind after a crime investigation such as tear gas or finger print powder. If you need one of these substances cleaned up on your property, make sure the company you are speaking with has experience successfully cleaning these hazards.

Regular janitorial services should not handle biohazard or hazmat cleanup

When there is a spill of dangerous substances such as blood or chemicals, people untrained in proper cleanup such as janitors or maid services should not handle the infected materials. They don’t know where to look for spaces liquids may have seeped into unseen, what techniques work best on different chemicals and fluids, and they don’t have the legal licenses and permits to transport and dispose of biohazardous and chemical waste. Without this knowledge, equipment, and legal permits, the property owner can be held legally liable for any damages done down the road. Don’t open yourself up to this legal liability or put the lives of others at stake. Instead, call a company properly trained in how to handle and clean up after these materials.

Georgia Clean is a Biohazard Cleanup Company

When you are in the middle of an emergency, it can be easy to mix up hazmat cleanup companies and biohazard cleanup companies. If you know the difference beforehand, you’ll be able to get the right help for the problem even quicker. If you have any questions about biohazard cleanup, we at Georgia Clean are always happy to help in any way we can.

Georgia Clean Assists Cobb County Police After Accident

In recent news, a 29-year-old man entered the westbound lanes on Interstate 285 on foot early on a Thursday morning when he was instantly hit and killed by multiple vehicles. As numerous automobiles were involved in the accident, the scene was extensive. Our staff at Georgia Clean were honored to be called upon to assist Cobb County Police in the remediation and cleanup of their patrol car which was one of the vehicles involved in this tragedy.

Whether we work with first responders, private homeowners, or a local Georgia business, we are glad to be a part of helping those in our Atlanta community whenever events needing biohazard cleanup occur. In the midst of tragedy, we pride ourselves in offering top-notch service and compassionate care to all those affected by events involving biohazards such as blood, bodily fluids, urine, and feces. No matter the event or what kind of location needs to be cleaned, Georgia Clean has the experience and knowledge of how to clean a wide array of surfaces while restoring the property to pre-event conditions.

Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, our emergency services are always available to clean up after any accident or crime that might occur, whether in a business, home, or automobile. Truly dedicated to our work and your well-being, our team at Georgia Clean are here to do the best job possible the first time so you can rest assured the area is truly clean and safe to occupy.

Georgia Clean is here to serve the community

Locally owned and operated, we work diligently for the ongoing health of our community in Cobb County and throughout the wider state of Georgia. If you find yourself dealing with a traumatic event resulting in biohazards, leave the cleanup to the professionals. Only someone thoroughly trained in how to properly clean up biohazards such as bodily fluids should undertake the task. Fully licensed and accredited, we strictly adhere to all local and federal rules and regulations set by OSHA, the EPD and the state of Georgia.

When you use our skilled team to clean up even the smallest amount of blood or other bodily fluids left behind after an accident, we ensure the safety of all those involved, anyone who may come into contact with the area later, and protect you from any future liability due to someone becoming sick down the road from improper cleanup.

We regularly handle events such as:

Our thoughts are with those affected by this tragedy

Due to the nature of our work, we often see people in some of the hardest moments of their lives. With deep compassion and professionalism, we treat every person with great respect and kindness. No matter the situation, we know the lives of those we work with may never be the same. Our thoughts are with the young man’s family and friends who lost their loved one and with all those affected by this accident.

What Do You Do With A Mattress After Someone Has Died?

When a person passes away on a mattress without being found for a time or dies on a bed from a traumatic injury like a suicide, a family will often look at the soiled material and think it simply needs to be thrown away or the visible surface cleaned and the mattress reused.

Throwing away a mattress with bodily fluids on it, though, is illegal and the person can face harsh penalties for exposing others to the health hazard.

A mattress soiled with bodily fluids needs to be handled as biohazardous waste and disposed of following all federal and local laws. Even if the surface is cleaned after contamination, the material has already seeped into deeper layers unseen and remains a hazard to your health and the health of others.

However the mattress got into this condition, the family is often left wondering what they should do with the mattress if they can’t throw it away or clean it and reuse it. Whenever you need us, Georgia Clean is here for you to remove the mattress and safely dispose of the contaminated materials.

How do you get rid of a bloody mattress?

In the movie, Sunshine Cleaners, there is a scene where the two women take a bloodied mattress and dump it in the trash. In real life, this is illegal and they would face prosecution and fines. If you have a mattress soiled with blood or bodily fluids, every part of the mattress potentially contaminated must be removed and disposed of as hazardous waste.

Using special cutters and personal protective gear, a biohazard cleanup professional will cut into the mattress through all the affected layers and only recycle the areas of the mattress not affected. For the rest, it must be disposed of through the proper channels. In Georgia, this involves placing the material in specially labeled biohazard containers, transporting it using special permits and licenses, then having it incinerated at facilities prepared to handle “medical waste” such as this to prevent any further contamination. Any part of the mattress not affected can be sent to one of the recycling centers specializing in separating the different materials in a mattress and recycling them responsibly or thrown away as regular trash.

Can the blood be cleaned from a mattress?

Mattress LayersWhen blood and bodily fluids seep into a mattress after an injury or while a body decomposes, the liquids have already seeped into multiple layers and no matter how much you clean the surface, blood will remain underneath breeding mold, bacteria, and other harmful substances. It is impossible to fully remove all the contaminates so don’t put your health at risk. Once a mattress is soiled in this way, it must be legally disposed of.

Can the mattress ever be saved and reused?

A mattress that someone has died upon can be reused only if there is no odor, blood, or other bodily fluids present. This can occur if the person is found right away after death or they die in the presence of others without the body starting to decompose. In these cases, simply remove all the bedding, make sure the mattress has not been soiled in any way, and wash all the bedding in the hottest water available. You can then reuse, recycle, or donate the mattress.

In some cases, there is a thick, fluid resistant mattress cover, which could keep the bodily fluids from reaching the actual mattress fabric and internal portions of the mattress. In this situation, a biohazard company would remove the the mattress cover containing the biohazards and properly dispose it.

If it has blood or other bodily fluids on it, even a small amount, the soiled parts must be handled as biohazardous waste and handled by professional biohazard cleaners.

Georgia Clean is happy to help

If you are figuring out what to do with a soiled mattress after a loved one died in Georgia, give us a call at Georgia Clean. Based in Atlanta, Our professional cleaners can quickly come to your home, safely dispose of the soiled sections, and then recycle the rest of the mattress. We know all the legal rules and regulations and will ensure you and your family are protected.


When there are environmental pollutants outdoors or bio hazardous waste products in a home or business, in order to clean it up, the area is in need of “bioremediation.” Bioremediation is the treatment and cleanup of waste by using naturally occurring or purposefully introduced microorganisms or other forms of life to process and break down toxins.

Whether you are dealing with an industrial accident, suicide, hoarding, unattended death, crime, or any other situation in Georgia where there is a need for bioremediation, we here at Georgia Clean are ready at all hours of the day or night to help you clean up the aftermath with safe, plant-based cleaning products that will protect both you and the environment.

Two Types of Bioremediation

When people talk about bioremediation, there are two main types to which they are referring. The first type has to do with cleaning up biological hazards such as blood and other bodily fluids after an accident, trauma, or crime and the second is remediating pollutants from the environment such as chemicals, oil, and other pollutants. While these two types of bio remediation cleanup share the same label, the qualifications, training, and licenses, are quite different for each one.

Here at Georgia Clean, we specialize in cleaning up biological hazards and DO NOT handle bioremediation of environmental pollutants.

1. Bioremediation of Biological Hazards

Georgia Clean specializes in remediating biohazards like blood, bodily fluids, feces, and urine such as:

Whatever the biohazard in your Georgia home or business, we here at Georgia Clean are here to clean, decontaminate, and sanitize the area with safe, plant-based products which are safe not only for the environment, but also for anyone who comes into contact with the space for years to come. With our experienced team, we not only know how to clean what is visible on the surface, but we also know where other dangerous contaminants are hidden and how to locate them. This includes mold, bacteria, and odor growing underneath porous surfaces that are sometimes not visible to the naked eye. With our professional equipment, industrial-grade cleaners, and personal protective equipment, your home or business will be truly clean and restored to its original condition.

2. Bioremediation of Environmental Pollutants

This other kind of bioremediation is used when cleaning up environmental contamination from the water, air, soil, and other plant-based materials after events such as:

  • oil spills
  • sewage run off
  • groundwater contaminations
  • soil contaminations
  • chemical accidents.

To perform bioremediations in outdoor locations, environments are altered in such a way as to encourage living organisms already present to naturally process and break down the pollutants or to introduce new microorganisms into the environment if they aren’t already present. By using living microorganisms, bio remediators can severely reduce the pollutants in the area and limit their impact on the surrounding environment.

Using living microorganisms to bio remediate the environment requires special training, licenses, and permits. Georgia Clean DOES NOT handle environmental bio remediation.

Trust the Experts at Georgia Clean

When you call the trusted experts at Georgia Clean, we come to your home or business right after you contact us in a plain van to discuss your bioremediation needs and provide you with a free estimate. With your approval, we’ll then immediately get to work removing all contaminated material as we clean, disinfect, and sanitize the affected area. Licensed by the state of Georgia, we are bonded, insured, and strictly adhere to all OSHA standards as well as all federal and local laws and regulations. We’ll even help you fill out the insurance forms.

With our years of experience in bioremediation throughout Georgia along with our specialized knowledge in the latest technological advances in bio remediation, we ensure the highest quality results for all our clients.

Call Georgia Clean for bio remediation

At Georgia Clean, our staff is experienced in bio remediation and knows what it takes to restore your property and are here to provide you with a quick solution during a difficult time.

Call us at 770-766-4562 any time of the day or night, 24-7, or fill out our online contact form and we will quickly arrive at your property to handle any and all needed biohazard cleanup and bio remediation.

Are Human Feces a Biohazard?

By definition, bio hazardous waste is any waste containing infectious material. Among many other infectious diseases, human feces can carry:

  • C. diff
  • cholera
  • E coli
  • Dysentery
  • Norovirus
  • Hepatitis A and E
  • Giardia
  • Pinworms

All of these diseases are dangerous, even fatal, so human feces is a biohazard. However, human fecal matter is not classified as medical waste so the additional regulations on how a state handles the material varies widely. (Georgia’s Biohazard Waste Regulations)

Cleaning Up Human Feces

If you, a friend, or employee is faced with having to clean up human feces here in the greater Atlanta, Georgia area, it’s vitally important to protect yourself from being infected with any diseases carried by the fecal matter. Some of the situations you may be faced with when human feces needs to be cleaned up can include:

  • Being a landlord whose tenant has left human feces in the house
  • Having to clean a hoarded house filled with human and animal waste
  • Dealing with a sewage backup on your property
  • Cleaning up after a homeless encampment
  • Working as an employee responsible for cleaning public bathrooms

In all of these situations, while you are allowed to clean up bio hazardous human feces yourself or have an employee do it (dependent on company policy), and then throw it away in the regular trash, you are still held liable in the state of Georgia for whatever repercussions occur from having to handle the matter.

In addition to the danger to yourself, some of the diseases human feces carry are incredibly dangerous and hard to kill. If every microscopic bit of bio hazardous waste is not cleaned up and properly disposed of, someone can still get sick down the road from whatever is left behind. In fact, most household cleaning products can’t fully kill the diseases carried by human fecal matter. Only industrial-grade cleaners can thoroughly eradicate all the viruses and bacteria found in human waste.

Protect Yourself from Liability

Do not risk infection by putting yourself or others into danger through coming into contact with these diseases. Sanitizing a home or business that has been exposed to bio-hazardous materials requires professional safety and cleaning equipment as well as specialized training.

Make the job easy and protect yourself and others from all potential liability by hiring professional cleaners trained to deal with human waste and other bio hazardous materials. A team of professional cleaners will come in with personal protective equipment and specialized cleaners to remove all of the waste, properly discard any porous material such as carpet or fabric that cannot be saved, and they will then clean, disinfect, and sanitize all remaining surfaces. In addition, professional bio hazard cleaners will also take care of any strong, lingering odors needing to be dealt with. You can then rest easy in the knowledge that the area is truly fresh and clean.

Call Us if You Have Any Questions

If you have any questions about our feces cleanup services, call us 24/7 at Georgia Clean at 770-766-4562 and we’ll be happy to help.