3 Things That Will Surprise You about Hotel Room Deaths

While hotels are usually a place to go while having fun on vacation, they are also often the settings where someone passes away. Whether from suicide, murder, or dying from natural causes, far more people die while staying in a hotel room than you would think. When it happens, companies like Georgia Clean are called in to clean the mess left behind and make sure the area is safe for the next person.

To protect their reputation, most hotels don’t talk about the deaths that have taken place on their property, even when asked directly. However, as biohazard cleaners who have cleaned many hotel rooms throughout Georgia after someone has passed away, here are three things about hotel room deaths that will surprise you.

  1. Deaths in hotel rooms happen far more often than you would think.

Though someone passing away in a hotel room it is not an everyday occurrence for a business, it does happen far more often than you would expect at most hotels. Sometimes people have a heart attack while traveling or pass away in their sleep. Having a heart attack while using the toilet is particularly common due to the potential strain on an already weakened heart.  Others may use alcohol or drugs with the potential to overdose while being away from home and without their local support system.

Another common way for people to pass away in a hotel is through suicide or violent crime. To spare their friends and family from finding their body and having to clean up the mess left behind, some people planning to kill themselves will check into a hotel and commit the act there at that location. The hotel will then discover the death through the act itself (such as someone leaping from a building), family or friends calling the hotel to request a wellness check, the hotel staff entering the room for housekeeping purposes, the sound of a gunshot, or the odor coming from a room after several days.

Violent crimes such as murder, domestic abuse, or physical abuse taking place in hotels are another leading reason why this is where many people pass away. Whether it is a partner trying to escape an abuser and being found or an argument that turns deadly, the violence committed leaves behind a mess needing to be cleaned. Once the death is found, the hotel staff will alert local authorities who will take responsibility for the investigation, but the responsibility of the cleanup is left to hotel who are then legally obligated to make sure the room is fully cleaned and disinfected.

  1. Most items in a hotel room are replaced

Depending on the type of death and the biohazards left behind, most items in the room will need to be replaced afterward for the protection of future guests. A gunshot, for example, can spray blood throughout a large area, create holes in the wall, and tiny droplets can even move into the HVAC system. Porous items like sheets, towels, artwork, electronics, and wooden furniture may all need to be discarded as biohazardous waste and replaced by the hotel. Carpet, bathroom grout, and drywall may also need to be removed and replaced as blood can soak into these building materials and soak into the layers underneath. When cleaning the space, these layers must be thoroughly checked so stains don’t spread, attract insects, or cause health issues for other guests staying in the space. You don’t want to clean up spilled blood only to have it spread into the new carpet from the subfloor beneath or have a guest report an odor due to improper cleanup after a death in a hotel room. When all porous items have been discarded, the affected building layers are removed and repaired with new items put in their place, then the room can be rented out to other guests.

  1. Some businesses don’t make sure the rooms are cleaned up properly

Most hotels, especially here in Georgia, will make sure all issues are cleaned up properly by licensed death cleanup professionals such as our staff at Georgia Clean. Some motels and hotels, however, cut corners by having people untrained in blood cleanup do the job or don’t clean up the entire mess. Experienced professionals will know all the places where blood could go such as in the air intake system, in gaps such as between the toilet and the floor, and they will have the powerful industrial-grade cleaners most hotels don’t keep on hand to fully disinfect the area. Regular housekeeping staff should never clean up after these kinds of deaths in a hotel room. Doing so without the proper support, training, and experience can be emotionally and physically damaging. Such staff are also liable to miss areas blood has seeped into that can then damage the health of other guests and the hotel’s reputation.

At Georgia Clean, we make sure the entire room is cleaned and fully disinfected.

What is the process when someone dies in a hotel room?

When someone dies in a hotel room, the hotel staff typically call the police to report the death. Investigators then arrive to discern what happened and collect evidence. After the coroner removes the body, the police finish the investigation, and a cause of death may be looked into. Once the police have left and released the scene back to the property owner, it is then up to the owner of the hotel to clean up the blood and other body fluids, making sure all surfaces are disinfected and the environment safe for all future guests.

At Georgia Clean, we are here to protect the health of guests and the business of hotel owners. If you need help cleaning up after someone has passed away on your property, give us a call. Available 24-7, we are here whenever you need us.

Cleaning Up a House After a Death

Cleaning out the house can be a daunting task for the family, so it’s not surprising that we often get called to clean up a house after a death. As a full service company, we provide the bio cleanup and clearing out the house of its contents. Whether it is one or both of the services you need, we are here for you.

When There Is A Death In A Home

When a loved one or a tenant dies, it is ultimately the property owner’s responsibility to make sure the house is cleaned up and all biohazards fully removed. Especially after the emotional trauma of a death, this task can be overwhelming and dangerous. Without the proper training, equipment, and staff, the job can take a long time and areas can still be missed, thus creating an unsafe environment for whoever else is in the area.

Our staff at Georgia Clean are here for you with compassionate biohazard cleanup after a death any time of day you need us. With experience dealing with all kinds of situations, we will handle your property with care and fast service. Whether you need us to clean up body fluids from a building structure, remove an infected mattress, or to clean out an entire hoarded home, we solve every problem, no matter how big or small.

Unattended Death Cleanup

While most people pass away with loved ones around them or at least someone knowing about it shortly after it happens, there are those who die by themselves in their homes with no one knowing about it for days, weeks, or even months. When this happens, the person is usually discovered after a friend or family member has gone in to check on them or the smell from the decomposing body has alerted neighbors to the issue.

When a person dies, their body soon starts the decomposition process. As the body tissue breaks down and fly larva process the material, fluids are created that follow the force of gravity into whatever layers are below the body. These can include the nooks and crannies of fabric, furniture, flooring, and even the interior building structure. How far these fluids go depend of the speed of the decomposition process and how long it takes for the body to be found. Either way, the building is uninhabitable and unsafe until every small amount of fluid has been removed and the area thoroughly cleaned and decontaminated.

For the loved ones left behind or the owner of the rental property, dealing with the cleanup of an unattended death can be damaging to your health and emotionally traumatic. In these moments, Georgia Clean is here for you with professional unattended death cleanup any time of day you may need us. With compassion and respect, we will carefully remove all unsalvageable items that cannot be cleaned and meticulously clean everything we can save. We’ll then make sure every amount of fluid has been removed in whatever structural layers it has flowed into, then clean the entire area to make sure the space is restored and safe. Lastly, we use specialized equipment to remove any lingering odor.

Death Cleanup Mattress Removal

After a loved one has passed, the materials around and below the body can become infected with body fluids during their illness or after death when the body decomposes. When the death was on the mattress, the mattress must be discarded as medical waste so any diseases in the fluids can’t infect anyone else. If such a mattress or bedding is thrown away in the regular trash or at a dump site, the people responsible can face heavy fines and legal action. To protect yourself and others, give our team at Georgia Clean a call and let us take care of the problem for you. We’ll come pick up the mattress and any other affected bedding and legally transport it with all needed licenses and permits as medical waste to be burned at a medical waste disposal facility.

Ready a House for Sale After a Death

Getting a house ready for sale after a death is always a process regardless of the condition of the house. In an estate cleanout situation, valuables and heirlooms will need to be separated from the other items that need to be sold, donated, or discarded. Others may discover that the home is overly cluttered or even hoarded. In any case, many relatives find it helpful to call a company like ours to help with the process. Because we have done this so many times before, we have a procedure down that allows us to be both thorough and efficient.

Cleaning Out Clutter or a Hoarded House After Death

A hoarded or cluttered home can come in all shapes and sizes with different types of items within. What they usually have in common is they nearly always include different biohazards such as urine, feces, pests, rotting food, sharps, and animal carcasses. When the person living in the home passes away, what is left inside must be dealt with.

At Georgia Clean, we specialize in cleaning out cluttered or hoarded homes. Don’t put yourself or others in danger by cleaning out the home and biohazards yourself. With respect and compassion, we’ll quickly clean out the entire home and will leave your home biologically and environmentally safe. You’ll then be able to sell it, rent it out, or have another family member live there.

Georgia Clean is Always Here for You

A fast and effective solution is just a phone call away. Available around the clock, 24-7, we are here for you with whatever kind of house cleanup you may need after a death. Our staff here at Georgia Clean have years of experience cleaning up biohazards so we can tailor our work to fit your exact needs. Give us a call today at 770-766-4562.