Who Cleans Vomit Out Of A Vehicle?

When someone vomits in a work vehicle, time can be of the essence. The longer the substance sits on the upholstery or dash, the more the vomit will harden into the carpet, seep into the cracks and holes, and the odor absorbed by the entire interior. Whether it’s a delivery truck, police vehicle, taxi cab, rental car, a personal vehicle used for Uber or Lyft, or another vehicle used for work, avoid liability and protect your material investments by hiring a professional biohazard cleaning company.

Though some specialty car washes and auto detailing shops will clean out vomit from vehicles, they do not protect you from future liability if someone becomes sick down the road due to the original incident. By using a professional biohazard cleaning company, you will both completely avoid liability and protect your employees’ health. To clean out your vehicle after someone has vomited in it, a professional biohazard company will:

  1. Remove the solids from all surfaces
  2. Remove all excess liquid
  3. Remove liquid from upholstery and carpets by using industrial grade cleaners including the removal of any stains
  4. Clean, decontaminate, and sanitize all surfaces
  5. Use an ozone machine to permanently remove all odor.

Even if you attempt to clean the vehicle using regular household cleaners, it can still take days to truly rid the vehicle of the stain and smell – days the vehicle is out of commission and you are losing income. Instead of spending your valuable time cleaning out the vomit, hire a professional biohazard cleaning company to clean the vehicle. Not only can they clean the car fast and permanently fix the problem, but such a company will also drive to your location to take care of the issue so you don’t have to drive it again until the vehicle is clean and smelling fresh.

Need Us to Clean Your Car?

If you need help cleaning out vomit from your vehicle, give us a call at Georgia Clean for fast and thorough treatment. You can either drop off your vehicle at our location, or we can come to your location to clean the vehicle so you don’t have to drive anywhere with the smell and risk becoming sick yourself. We have all the needed supplies to remediate the vomit and eliminate the odor. We are here to help so you can put your focus back into running your business.

Atlanta Suicide in a Vehicle: What Do We Do with the Car?

Experiencing the death of a loved one by suicide is a terrible experience to endure. Being the one responsible for cleaning up after it is harder still. The aftermath can be overwhelming when going through shock and grief and when there are biohazards involved, it can be even more unbearable.

Many suicides in Atlanta take place in an automobile and once the police have filed their report and the coroner has taken the body away, the family is left to take care of the vehicular damages left behind. What do you do?

Can’t I have an auto detail shop in Atlanta clean the car?

In order to thoroughly clean the car and bring it back to a usable state, the suicide cleanup needs to begin as quickly as possible. It is tempting, therefore, to simply bring the car to an auto detail shop and let them do the job. This puts all the staff there in serious jeopardy, however, with all the blood and body fluids carrying blood-borne pathogens and bacteria. An Atlanta auto-detailing shop will also not be trained on how to clean and dispose of medical waste nor do they have the skills to take apart the car in order to clean every nook and cranny.

Will auto insurance pay for the suicide cleanup?

Most auto insurance companies will pay for suicide cleanup of your car. With no money upfront, a professionally trained and experienced biohazard cleanup team will remove and properly dispose of all infected porous surfaces such as leather, fabric, and carpet. These materials cannot be completely cleaned and have to be replaced. Other non-porous surfaces will be thoroughly cleaned, disinfected, and sanitized.

If the biohazard remediation company’s quote comes in close to what the car is worth (taking age and condition into account), the auto insurance company may decide to total the car. In that case, they will either pay you the money to replace the car (minus the deductible) or let you keep the car with a salvage title. It is then your responsibility to have it cleaned and then choose whether to keep or sell the car.

Where in Atlanta can I sell the car?

If you choose to sell the car in Atlanta, you can sell it to a private party, turn it in as a trade-in, or sell it to an auction house. There is no law in Georgia requiring you to disclose a person has died in a used vehicle. However, if you are asked questions and you deceive the buyer, you could be held liable for their related health issues down the road if the car wasn’t properly cleaned. (Consult a lawyer for advice.)

Would an auction house in Atlanta really take the vehicle?

Auction houses in the Atlanta area sell cars as-is in all sorts of conditions and it’s up to the winning bid to decide what to do with the vehicle. As a seller, you can either sell it directly to the auction house to sell it to someone else or you can sell it through them on consignment and give them a commission once it’s sold. Either way, once it’s signed over to them, it’s off your hands. Two such auction houses in the Atlanta, Georgia area are:

Georgia Auto Auctions
IAA Auctions

Though dealing with the aftermath of a suicide is immensely difficult, dealing with the aftermath of where it took place doesn’t have to be. Georgia Clean is a professional suicide cleanup company that provides suicide cleanup and vehicle recovery services in the Atlanta area. Call us if we can be of help at (770) 766-4562