Crime in Atlanta Is the Highest It’s Been in Two Decades

It doesn’t take many conversations with those living in Atlanta before realizing that violent crime is occurring at higher rates than it has for the last two decades. No matter who you are, you have likely been the victim of a crime yourself or know someone else who has experienced one against themselves or a loved one.

Atlanta Motorcycle PoliceA disturbing trend, especially with the additional stress of the pandemic and political unrest, this high rate of violence is concerning to all involved. According to the Atlanta Police Department, there were 154 murders in the city in 2020 alone. During the same time frame in 2019, there were only 95. In addition to murders, other violent crimes have risen sharply as well. By the end of the year, there were 692 reported shootings in the Atlanta area vs. 480 in 2019. This sharp rise in violent crime is a deeply disturbing trend.

While crime has risen in other cities as well such as New York, Philadelphia, and many other major cities across the United States, Atlanta is our home and what happens here affects us all.

Looking ahead to 2021

After such a violent year, city leaders are looking ahead to actions we can take as a community to prevent violence before it begins. Ideas include actions such as lowering turnover in the police department, nurturing a good relationship between police officers and the community at large, and ensuring people who commit violent acts are held accountable in the court of law.

Lowering the crime rate is not just one group’s responsibility, however. It’s going to take everyone in the community working together and cooperating to make our city a safer place to live and work. Police, business owners, judges, and regular community members need to each find ways we can turn the tide and lower this violent rise of crime across our beautiful city.

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