Dead Body Cleanup in Atlanta

It is heartbreaking whenever a loved one is lost. In addition to the grief process, there is also the needed cleanup of blood and other bodily fluids if your loved one has passed outside of a medical facility. At Georgia Clean, we are here to ease the process for families and Atlanta property owners by completing the dead body cleanup and making sure the area is safe to use.

3 Main Types of Death Cleanup

We offer a  24-hour assistance throughout Atlanta and surrounding suburbs. We also provide a rapid response day or night. Our team is here to take care of the needed cleanup and remediation of your property. In addition to the cleanup of the property, we also salvage as much of the contents as possible to return them to the family. Always ready to tailor a solution to your needs, the three main types of death cleanup we handle include:

Suicide Cleanup

A loved one dying by suicide is a terrible grief for anyone to go through. In this difficult time, you are not alone. At Georgia Clean, we have a caring and professional team. We are here to discreetly and compassionately provide suicide cleaning service and restore the area so you can focus on grieving your loss.

All body fluids and tissues are classified by federal regulations as biohazardous material. It is illegal to throw away without the needed legal licenses and permits. Don’t open yourself to legal liability or put yourself and others in physical danger by cleaning the area yourself or letting a friend or family member do it. Cleaning up after a suicide takes specific skills along with state-of-the-art cleaners and professional equipment. With Georgia Clean, you know you’re in caring and experienced hands. We will make sure the area is truly clean and safe to use.

Unattended Death Cleanup

When a person dies, decomposition of the dead body begins right away. In the case of an unattended death when a body isn’t found for a while, the breakdown of bodily fluids and tissues seep into surrounding porous materials such as fabric, dry wall, and wood, ruining the material and requiring replacement. The longer the body has been left, especially in the high heat and humidity of Atlanta, the greater the damage will be. In addition to damaged materials, a decomposing body emits a strong odor which can only be permanently removed with professional equipment and trained odor removal experts.

At Georgia Clean, we know what it takes to safely and legally remove all damaged materials, where to look for potential damage, and how to remove any resulting pests and decomposition odors from the area. Our experienced team of trained professionals have cleaned areas from small spaces to extensive damage on multiple floors and are here to tailor a solution to your needs.

Violent Crime Scene Cleanup

It is a heartbreaking experience to lose someone due to a violent crime. Though we know we can never restore the lives lost, we are dedicated to being here to help families and property owners not be traumatized further by the physical and emotional experience of cleaning the crime scene themselves. Our staff at Georgia Clean understand your needs of a quick solution. We want to help, so you can move on to the process of grieving. From removing infected materials, to cleaning, decontaminating, and sanitizing the area, we go the extra mile to make sure your Atlanta home or business is fully restored.

How is Cleaning Up After a Death Different from Regular Cleaning?

The materials needing to be cleaned up after a death are vastly different than the regular dirt and grime accrued during daily use of an area and even different than blood from a cut or a family member becoming sick on the floor. Cleaning up a dead body scene involves not only the cleaning up the blood and other bodily fluids, but knowing where to look for where biohazards may have landed depending on what occurred or into what layers biohazards may have seeped into unseen.

Our technicians at Georgia Clean are equipped to handle small and large death scenes. With the proper cleaners and knowledge, our technicians can clean large areas and remove lingering dead body odors. Cleaning up and disposing of such materials also requires legal licenses and permits. By hiring professionals for the work, you know the job will be done right the first time.

How Much Does Dead Body Cleanup Cost?

Suicide, crime, and unattended deaths are all covered under most homeowner’s insurance policies. Your exposure would be your deductible, which can be as low as $250.00.

For specifics on your policy, call your company for details.

At Georgia Clean, we have extensive experience working with insurance companies, submitting claims with all necessary evidence. We will help you navigate your way through the process all while putting your needs first.

Home and property insurance usually covers:

  • The cost of professional biohazard cleaning services.
  • Replacement cost (with contents coverage) of any unsalvageable items (we provide and submit a detailed list).
  • Cost to restore the property to pre-event condition

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Georgia Clean is a fully accredited, bonded, and insured company. We follow all the guidelines set forth by OSHA, and all state and federal regulations. Our strict adherence to these regulations ensures our practices and your home are safe.

If you need immediate service, we are always here, 24-7, to be there for you in whatever way we can. Whether you have any questions or need a free consultation and quote, contact us today.