What Are the Critical Steps for Decontamination that We Employ at Georgia Clean?

Decontamination of an area that has been exposed to any type of biohazard is critical. In fact, taking the right measures to ensure the full and proper decontamination process is part of what we offer at Georgia Clean. However, our decontamination measures are detailed and include step-by-step procedures that eliminate more biohazards than our competitors. In the Atlanta, Georgia area, if you require decontamination services, we are your go-to experts. 

Here are the critical steps for decontamination that we employ at Georgia Clean. You can learn more about our process and comprehensive services on our website or by giving us a call to begin your free consultation process. 

Step 1: Contain the Area

The first step Georgia Clean employs is to contain a contaminated area quickly. When you call us we act fast, using unmarked vans and uniforms to protect your privacy. Then we seal off any areas on your property that require decontamination measures. This help prevents the spread of potential hazards and allows you to retain space in your home. When it comes to biohazard prevention, the faster you act, the less permanent contamination and property damage can occur. 

Step 2: Remove Contaminated Objects

Second, we help remove contaminated objects and personal belongings from the scene. Also, this allows us to discard items that cannot be salvaged and to sort out others for future restoration efforts. Contaminated objects might include furniture, clothing, household goods, décor, and even food. Many items can be salvaged if removed quickly enough. However, remediation and restoration efforts will vary depending on the nature of biohazards present on site, as well as the extent of the contamination. 

Step 3: Initial Cleanup and Decontamination Measures 

Next, we begin the decontamination process with beginning cleanup measures. Using industrial equipment and safe cleaning agents, we remove surface-level contamination. This allows us to better assess the overall nature and extent of contamination onsite. In some cases, no visible contamination is evident. In these instances, we begin deep cleaning measures right away to eliminate the spread of biohazardous substances. 

Step 4: Deep Cleaning and Restoration Efforts

Our deeper cleaning and restoration efforts are part of how we ensure comprehensive decontamination measures. Using green cleaning solutions and specialized equipment, we can eliminate hidden hazards such as pathogens, bacteria, and viruses that could be lurking on any surface in your home. 

We also have an electrostatic sprayer that can be used to disinfect larger regions in less time with a powerful and precise aim. Georgia Clean is passionate about ensuring our clients’ safety and happiness with fast and reliable decontamination measures. Furthermore, our restoration team can work with you in cases that require more extensive restoration before final decontamination efforts. 

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