Disease Management: Knowing Is Half the Battle

GI Joe’s motto is “Knowing is half the battle”. I have been in the crime, trauma and death scene business for 24 years. In doing this, unique needs have found their way to my door. Hoarding, teargas, meth labs and infectious disease management. All which were not part of my original business model. I personally choose to call it infectious disease management over control, because diseases evolve requiring more managing than control. Disease management found its way to my door starting in 2004 as SARS, and every 2 to 4 years its been something else from avian flu to MERS and now COVID-19. Each evolution requires tweaking and understanding of what you are walking into. It also includes being honest and not taking advantage of a client vs. chasing a dollar. An ICRA certification is a must in this area. I was laughed at when I got mine, was told it was a waste of time and money, but who is laughing now. Again, knowing is half the battle. Look soon for a virtual basic understanding course of what is going on. Are you properly equipped? Do you know what EPA approved product to use? Did you know that there are only a small few EPA approved products that can be used in an electrostatic sprayer? I did not know that until I took my ICRA course. PLEASE DO NOT, chase a dollar to take a chance of bringing something home that will impact your babies and will change your life. God bless.