FAQs Regarding Home Cleaning at Georgia Clean

Georgia Clean has carved out a reputation as one of the top cleaning and restoration companies in the Atlanta metro area. Our cleaning services use green cleaning solutions and other eco-friendly measures to ensure your property is clean and safe for all inhabitants. You can learn more about all of our comprehensive services by visiting our website today or by contacting us to speak with our customer service representatives. In the meantime, keep reading for some of our most frequently asked questions regarding home cleaning services from Georgia Clean. 

Why Do We Use Green Home Cleaning Services?

Georgia Clean believes that clean doesn’t have to mean harm to homeowners and their families. Therefore, we use green cleaning solutions to kill off bacteria and viruses without leaving behind harsh chemical residues. These chemicals are often harmful to individuals’ well-being. All of our cleaning methods and solutions use industrial equipment and state-of-the-art technology, like our electrostatic disinfection equipment. Using the best equipment available in the industrial cleaning market enables us to choose better cleaning solutions and techniques that reduce damage to your property and don’t put your family at risk while getting the job done right the first time.  

How Do We Handle Biohazard and Hazmat Scenes?

Georgia Clean is known for its biohazard and hazmat scene cleaning services. We handle everything quickly and discreetly, from traumatic crime scenes to the scene of a loved one’s undiscovered death. At Georgia Clean, we always use unmarked uniforms and vehicles in order to keep your family’s privacy protected. We handle biohazard and hazmat scenes wearing personal protective equipment and gear including goggles, respirators, hazmat suits, and gloves. This is for our safety and the health and wellbeing of the homeowners we serve. 

What Types of Services Do You Offer?

Georgia Clean offers a wide variety of services, including blood spill cleanups, suicide, and homicide scene cleanings. We can also tackle Covid-19 and C-Diff cleanup, and so much more for home and business owners. We work throughout Atlanta, Georgia and the surrounding regions. Furthermore, we partner with local funeral homes, businesses, and property management offices for streamlined services that impact the lives of families across the area. Home cleaning services are just one aspect of the wide variety of services we provide. Learn more about all of our services by exploring our website today. 

How Do I Begin Regular Home Cleaning Services?

If you require regular home cleaning services, we can help. To get started with your Georgia Clean cleaning schedule, all you have to do is reach out with a quick phone call. Our experts are ready to answer your call 24/7. Furthermore, we can create a cleaning routine and schedule that works for you. With streamlined, comprehensive, and affordable home cleaning services from Georgia Clean, a clean home is just a phone call away!