Feces and Urine Cleanup After an Elderly Person Falls and Can’t Get Up

In a perfect world, we would protect our elderly loved ones from all falls so they never injure themselves. This would be impracticable, however, and even with precautions taken, many older people fall every year. Thankfully, most people are found quickly but there are those who aren’t found for hours, even days. In these cases, feces and urine cleanup after they are found and taken care of is an important step to take.

People are left to urinate on the floor until found

While most falls are minor, some people are injured to the extent they are unable to get back up on their own. Injuries can include fractures, head injuries, loss of consciousness, and major lacerations. Until they are found, these folks are left to survive on the floor. They fell until someone does arrive to help. Not only can this be damaging to someone’s health with issues arising such as pneumonia, pressure sores, and dehydration, but a person is forced to urinate and defecate where they lie.

These body fluids pool on surfaces and soak into the carpet, subfloor, and down through the building structure layers. Not only does this damage the structure but disease-causing viruses and bacteria are left to infect anyone else in the area.

Once a person has been found and medically treated, then the bodily fluids must be cleaned up. Disinfection is also important, so the safe living environment is restored for the person.

When professional cleanup is needed

Depending on the amount and type of body fluids, you may need professional biohazard cleaners. They come in and clean the space where your loved one fell. With the disposal of body fluids strictly regulated by needed legal licenses and permits. Only a profession biohazard team should handle disposal of blood-infected materials and fluids. Professional cleaners will not only leave all visible surfaces thoroughly cleaned but they will also know when fluids have leaked through multiple layers. With industrial-grade cleaners and skills honed through years of experience, professional cleaners such as those here at Georgia Clean will make sure all fluids have been removed and legally disposed of. They will then disinfect all surfaces and restore a safe living environment for your loved one.

Protecting yourself and your loved ones

Falls can be deeply damaging to a person’s health. Especially if they live alone, it can be a while before they are found. To protect yourself, family members, or friends from suffering such a fall, there are several precautions you can take.

  • Make sure all tripping hazards including some furniture have been removed from the floor so the space is clear for someone to walk
  • Install hand rails and supports wherever needed – especially in the bathroom or along stairways
  • Look into a medical alert system. You can wear a button you push if you need medical assistance. Companies vary in options, resources, and quality so shop around. Buttons for women include bracelets and necklaces as well.
  • Bring your cell phone with you everywhere you go so you can always call for help. If you don’t have a cell phone, you can install phone extensions in various rooms at a height you can reach from the floor.
  • If you are at risk for falling and live alone, arrange for a relative, friend, or neighbor to check in with you everyday. You should provide them their own key if you don’t respond.

Even with these steps taken, some people don’t like to ask for help or are physically unable to do so. They could also suffer from a cognitive impairment that hinders their ability to find help when needed. If a loved one hasn’t answered their phone or come to the door when you would expect them to, then you can call your local police to conduct a wellness check to make sure they are doing alright.

Georgia Clean provides professional urine and feces cleanup throughout Georgia

If a loved one has fallen and you need professional cleanup, Georgia Clean is always available for professional urine and feces cleanup throughout Georgia. Using the latest cleaning technology, we treat every person with compassion and respect. We also  quickly clean and restore the property. Available 24-7, we are always here to answer questions or provide a free quote and consultation.