Hazards Present After a Recent Fire

Fires can happen to anyone without any indication or warning. When a fire affects your property, fire damage is often quick and very destructive. In the aftermath of a recent fire on your commercial or residential property, there is much to be done. However, there are also numerous hazards present. That’s why it’s important to exercise extreme caution when re-entering any property after a fire, and never to do so unless deemed safe by fire personnel. 

When you’ve had a fire on your property, you need the fire damage restoration experts at Georgia Clean to come in and help you recover fast. Learn more about the services we have to offer by visiting our website. Here are some hazards you should be aware of that are present after a recent fire on your property. 

Structural Integrity Damage

One of the most prevalent issues after a fire is serious structural damage. Structural damage can occur both to inner structures such as flooring, ceilings, and walls as well as outer elements like siding, roofs, and your home’s foundation. Regardless of the type of structural damage you have sustained, your home could be unsafe to enter after a fire. Serious structural damage could put your home at risk for cave-ins or sudden collapse at any moment. Often the damage is much worse than it appears to the human eye. Therefore, it’s important to act with caution, and it’s best to wait until fire personnel and restoration experts tell you that you can re-enter the premises. 

Harmful Smoke Residue and Fumes

Second, harmful smoke residue and fumes often remain on your property until properly treated. Often smoke ends up causing more damage than the initial fire itself. Breathing in these fumes is dangerous for your health and wellbeing. As a result, it’s often important to exit a premise after a fire and seek medical attention. Even minor smoke inhalation can have drastic long-term effects, which often go undressed until a more serious issue is present. Georgia Clean can help you remove pesky smoke odors, restore your home, and eliminate hazardous smoke residue in the aftermath of a fire. 

Water Damage after Fire Damage 

Finally, water damage often occurs after fire damage due to emergency responders putting out the fire. Water damage also brings numerous health and safety concerns and hazards. Fire damage alone exposes you to biohazards and harmful particles, such as smoke residue, ash remains, and toxic substances that burned. Water can mix with these substances during emergency response and create an even more hazardous mixture in your home. 

Contact Georgia Clean Fire Damage Restoration Services

After a fire has happened on your property, contact Georgia Clean. From structural damage to smoke and water damage issues, there are many hazards present in the aftermath of a fire. Even small fires can cause extensive damage and present multiple hazards to homeowners. Therefore, it’s important to seek out professional fire damage restoration and biohazard decontamination services quickly. At Georgia Clean, we offer 24/7 response services so you always get the help as soon as you need it. Give us a call today at 770-464-5207  or visit our website for more information.