Flies Cross-Contaminate an Area After an Unattended Death

When a person dies and their body isn’t found for a while, their body decomposes and the materials we are each made of return to the earth. To help in this process, insects, flies, birds, rodents, beetles, and any other animals with access to the body assist in various stages of decomposition by taking in and processing the resulting substances. When this happens indoors, however, the resulting bodily fluids follow gravity, seeping down into whatever materials the body is laying on and the structure below. Depending on how well the indoor space is sealed off from the outside world, various flies find their way inside and lay their eggs in the body’s cavities. With blood and other bodily fluids on the flies’ legs and torso, they then distribute those bacteria, viruses, and diseases such as HIV, Hepatitis B, and Hepatitis C in the blood and body fluids to wherever they land. It is for this reason that once a body is found, it is not enough to simply clean up the decomposing body but anywhere a fly could have landed as well.

Look Out for Cross Contamination and Always Have Biohazard Cleanup

If you come upon an unattended death and there are flies, then the area will have cross contamination. Even if you don’t see flies, they could have been there at one time. This will generally happen when the unattended death goes undiscovered for a period beyond the life cycle of the blowfly. Indicators of cross contamination would be red or brown marks on walls, window sills or other areas that the flies may have landed. Not all marks are visible.

Risks of Biohazard Cross Contamination

For many of us, the body found is likely that of a loved one who we are sure didn’t have any infectious diseases that we need to watch out for. However, just as a fly can distribute dangerous bloodborne pathogens after landing on a body, they can also bring a bloodborne pathogen to the body then land somewhere else. Flies are naturally attracted to feces and dead bodies and you don’t know where they have been. Though your family member may not have had any dangerous diseases, the animal, feces, or dead person the fly landed on before may have been carrying something you don’t want in your system or on the surfaces of the home. In addition, many people are carriers of diseases with no showing symptoms. Sometimes, we ourselves don’t even know what we carry with us. Thus, anytime a person dies in this way, the surrounding area needs to be thoroughly cleaned as well.

Ensure Proper Cleanup

Your best bet is to hire a well qualified, licensed biohazard cleanup company. An experienced crew will ensure proper biohazard clean up.

Locating the Cross Contaminated Areas

For the health and safety of everyone, proper biohazard cleanup is essential. This would include the obvious impacted area as well as all areas where there has been cross contamination. Sometimes these marks are few and small, so it is essential to have an experienced eye. Biohazards that go undiscovered pose health risks and will continue to decompose resulting in a pungent death odor. So, once all of the impacted areas have been identified, remediation can commence.

Proper Disposal

Biohazards are a regulated medical waste and are required by law to be bagged, transported and disposed of in a certain way. It is unlawful to dispose of blood and other biohazards in the regular trash. On top of it being unlawful, it poses a risk or spreading pathogens out to the general public. It is important for health, safety, and liability purposes to have a professional company remediate all biohazards.

Rely on Compassionate and Professional Biohazard Cleaning

If you are ever dealing with the loss of someone due to an unattended death whether it’s on your property or if you’re responsible for taking care of theirs, always make sure the entire area is thoroughly cleaned by a professional biohazard cleaning company. The people there are trained on what it takes to clean all kinds of surfaces and are experienced in a vast array of situations. They know to not simply clean what can be seen or just near the body but to also make sure what can’t be seen in every square inch of the area is disinfected and sanitized. A professional biohazard cleaning company such as Georgia Clean can also discard the material legally and permanently eliminate the odor so it never returns. With compassion and professionalism, the area will be restored back to its original state and everyone in the area, both now and in the future, will be safe.