Georgia Clean: Areas We Serve in the Atlanta Community

What does Coronavirus remediation have in common with homicide and suicide cleanup? The answer is simple: contamination puts us at risk for infectious diseases and must be treated as dangerous.

No location is immune to hazardous waste, from large urban cities to small rural towns, sleepy suburbs, and everything in between; therefore, a professional cleaner is necessary to resolve the situation.  

Professional cleaning companies are located in virtually every area, ready to respond at a moment’s notice, and Georgia Clean is no exception. You’ll find our Atlanta and Fulton County cleanup crews ready to answer your call. Here are some of the areas we serve.

Areas We Serve: Atlanta

If any city in America has a reputation for excitement, it’s Atlanta. 

With a population of nearly 520,000, a city the size of Atlanta comes with alarming statistics. So far, Atlanta has seen 88 homicides in 2022, which should not surprise us. Up 43% in 2022, there is an increasing need for professional cleaning companies to deal with the aftermath of homicides and suicides. Georgia Clean has experts trained in cleaning hazardous materials to keep Atlanta safe and sanitized when the unthinkable happens.

Atlanta has a thirst for excitement. Known affectionately as Hotlanta, with countless things to see and do, no wonder it’s considered hot. Atlanta has come a long way and looks much different today than in 1864 when General Sherman burned it to the ground. Atlanta rose from the ashes, stronger and more determined than ever to flourish – however, not without some of the problems that come with heavily populated areas.


Some places are hotter than others; Hotlanta is famous for its seductive nightlife and temperatures that climb into the 80s for almost four months. There’s something for everyone with over 35 million visitors per year, museums, historic homes, street art, and Atlantic Station. Atlanta’s premier tourist attraction is the world’s largest aquarium (the Georgia Aquarium), where you will find some of the most exotic aqua life in the world.

As fascinating as the center of the south is, this city is home to a diverse population that elects people of different religions and political divides. With escalating anger and financial setbacks, social unrest challenges Atlanta for the future; for example, with homelessness comes hazardous waste.

Georgia Clean is no stranger to the dangers of contamination caused by blood, bodily fluids, and highly populated Covid-vulnerable areas. 

Areas We Serve: Fulton County

Located in north central Georgia, as of 2020, Fulton County had a population of 1,066,710 and contains fifteen cities and two school systems, making it the largest state county and the only one with over a million residents. Atlanta is the state capital and county seat.

For most people, the thought of calling a cleaner is overwhelming; therefore, conditions spiral out of control if not addressed. What if people find out? 

Georgia Clean arrives in an unmarked vehicle so your dignity and privacy are preserved, just like we would want it if it were the other way around. We take the mystery out of the steps needed to restore a property to its former condition. 

Whatever the decontamination, Georgia Clean will clean it:

  • Unattended death
  • Suicide
  • Homicide
  • Hazardous Waste
  • Forensics
  • Dead body

And those are just a few situations that call for a professional cleaning company.

Here are some of the cleanups we perform in the Greater Atlanta area:

Crime scene cleanup:

It’s unthinkable that someone would upend your life for their own gain, but it happens. When this occurs, you can count on toxins, bodily fluids, spatters, saturated carpets, and so much more. Only cleaners who understand how these acts affect you and your family can put themselves in your shoes. Therefore, our mission is to arrive on the premises ready to get rid of the residue left behind and restore your environment so you can feel safe again. But first, all telltale signs must be removed. We deal with everything:

  • Blood spills
  • Bodily fluid cleanup
  • Extensive crime scene residue cleanup
  • And so much more

Suicide cleanup:

No one can put words to suicide; even though we all know what it is, there’s no way to describe the devastation and toll it takes on loved ones left behind. One thing those loved ones do not need is the added attention to detail it takes to clean properly so no further damage is caused to the family. Sadly, suicide is one of the leading causes of death in the United States. Georgia Clean is sensitive to the trauma faced by every suicide and its aftermath. We are trained to deal with loved ones in a compassionate manner while we go to work and give your situation our personal attention. You can count on us for:

  • Expert knowledge and exceptional safety, handling, and disposal procedures
  • Discreet removal of sensitive materials

Covid Remediation

Just the word Covid sets our nerve endings on edge, and rightly so; we have seen way too many people, young and old, lose their lives to this horrifying virus. When Georgia Clean arrives at your residence or place of business, they will bring protective personal equipment and protective clothing. Because our technicians are highly skilled at their craft, they take control of the area and do not allow access until the job is done correctly.

  • Testing
  • Disinfecting
  • Purification 
  • Containing infectious disease

Learn more here about how Georgia Clean can help with Covid cleanup in your business, church, or social setting.

Meth Lab Cleanup 

Needles, chemicals, laboratory glass are all menacing and threaten to destroy everything in their path. With Georgia Clean, you can kiss the meth lab on your property goodbye and good riddance. You should never attempt to clean meth yourself, which is why a professional cleaner is trained, skilled, and experienced. Think of Georgia Clean as peace of mind, and they do it with:

  • Testing and decontamination
  • Sharps disposal
  • Disposal of chemicals

Hoarding Cleanup

  • Animals
  • Shopping
  • Clutter
  • Mold

Hoarding goes beyond embarrassment; it’s dangerous. Rodents, insects, animals and mold make your environment unlivable. Georgia Clean knows how humiliating it can be, and they work diligently to clean most discreetly and restore your living situation to safe and sanitary conditions.

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