Georgia Clean Assists Cobb County Police After Accident

In recent news, a 29-year-old man entered the westbound lanes on Interstate 285 on foot early on a Thursday morning when he was instantly hit and killed by multiple vehicles. As numerous automobiles were involved in the accident, the scene was extensive. Our staff at Georgia Clean were honored to be called upon to assist Cobb County Police in the remediation and cleanup of their patrol car which was one of the vehicles involved in this tragedy.

Whether we work with first responders, private homeowners, or a local Georgia business, we are glad to be a part of helping those in our Atlanta community whenever events needing biohazard cleanup occur. In the midst of tragedy, we pride ourselves in offering top-notch service and compassionate care to all those affected by events involving biohazards such as blood, bodily fluids, urine, and feces. No matter the event or what kind of location needs to be cleaned, Georgia Clean has the experience and knowledge of how to clean a wide array of surfaces while restoring the property to pre-event conditions.

Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, our emergency services are always available to clean up after any accident or crime that might occur, whether in a business, home, or automobile. Truly dedicated to our work and your well-being, our team at Georgia Clean are here to do the best job possible the first time so you can rest assured the area is truly clean and safe to occupy.

Georgia Clean is here to serve the community

Locally owned and operated, we work diligently for the ongoing health of our community in Cobb County and throughout the wider state of Georgia. If you find yourself dealing with a traumatic event resulting in biohazards, leave the cleanup to the professionals. Only someone thoroughly trained in how to properly clean up biohazards such as bodily fluids should undertake the task. Fully licensed and accredited, we strictly adhere to all local and federal rules and regulations set by OSHA, the EPD and the state of Georgia.

When you use our skilled team to clean up even the smallest amount of blood or other bodily fluids left behind after an accident, we ensure the safety of all those involved, anyone who may come into contact with the area later, and protect you from any future liability due to someone becoming sick down the road from improper cleanup.

We regularly handle events such as:

Our thoughts are with those affected by this tragedy

Due to the nature of our work, we often see people in some of the hardest moments of their lives. With deep compassion and professionalism, we treat every person with great respect and kindness. No matter the situation, we know the lives of those we work with may never be the same. Our thoughts are with the young man’s family and friends who lost their loved one and with all those affected by this accident.