Georgia Clean Provides Compassionate Murder Cleanup and Suicide Cleanup

When a crime story appears in the headlines, many people read of the tragedy then forget the details. They don’t see the lives turned upside down, the grief, the ongoing hole where a loved one once was, or the people left behind. At Georgia Clean, we are dedicated to being there and serving those left behind after a crime has been committed by providing murder cleanup and suicide cleanup throughout Atlanta and the larger state of Georgia.

Murder Suicide in College Park and Clayton County

One recent murder suicide here in the Atlanta area occurred in College Park when a Delta employee waited for a coworker in the employee parking lot. Though she tried to run from him, the man shot her three times in the back and she later died from her injuries at a local hospital. While her family and other coworkers were in shock and grief over their loss, the perpetrator then went to a hotel a few hours later in Clayton County and killed another woman by shooting her once with a gun. Over the next two days while police investigated both murders and the crime scenes were cleaned to keep others safe, investigators deduced it was the same killer and when they tracked his vehicle to a gas station and pulled the car over to talk with the suspect, the man pulled out a gun and killed himself before they could arrest him.

Cleaning Up After a Murder Suicide

Here at Georgia Clean, we regularly step into clean crimes scenes like these after a traumatic event occurs. While the headlines are written, our team steps forward to help. We not only see the biohazards left behind after murders and suicides, but we often see the faces of the loved ones still in shock and grief over the sudden loss of life. Our hearts hurt for what they are going through. To prevent further damage and loss of life, though, our staff at Georgia Clean do what we can in the face of loss by meticulously cleaning the murder suicide scene left behind from all biohazards so the family and friends can begin the healing process in a safe environment. With all the blood and bodily fluids removed and the property disinfected, we know that at the very least, one tragedy won’t lead to another due to any biohazards left behind.

As members of the Atlanta community, we at Georgia Clean care about those we serve. Whether the crime takes place in a hotel, parking lot, home, or business, our team knows what it takes to clean and disinfect all types of materials and will work quickly to restore the property while using the latest state-of-the-art cleaning technology.

If you are dealing with the loss of a loved one or are a property owner in need of murder cleanup or suicide cleanup, Georgia Clean is always here for you with round-the-clock quality blood cleanup services. Fully licensed and with strict adherence to all local and federal rules governing biohazard cleanup and disposal, we are dedicated to providing our neighbors with this needed service with dedication and compassion.

While any loss of life has rebounding implications and pain among the community, the mess left behind doesn’t have to cause further damage. Georgia Clean is here to limit the hurt of the crime by cleaning up the blood and other bodily fluids left behind. With great respect to those who lost their lives and those left behind, you know you are in knowledgeable and dedicated hands. No matter the situation, we’ll clean the property and get you on the road to recovery.