Hazards of Living Near Meth Labs

If you live near a meth lab, you could be in danger. The many risks of living near a meth lab are not to be underestimated. They can pose hazards, and cleanup requires the help of a professional. Georgia Clean can help with our certified meth lab cleanup experts. We know how to remove the byproducts of meth labs, including the harmful fumes. Plus, we can carefully remove explosive chemical compounds so everyone nearby remains safe. If you suspect there is a meth lab near you, report it to the authorities. Then call Georgia Clean, the meth lab cleanup professionals in Atlanta and surrounding areas. 

What is Methamphetamine and Why is It Dangerous?

Meth is a drug that acts by overstimulating your nervous system. It can kill quickly, and in an overdose often leads to strokes and other severe health issues. Meth drastically reduces users’ brain functions and continues to eat away at these functions until death. It is also highly addictive. 

Meth is dangerous because of these reasons, and because of how it is created. Meth is composed of various harsh chemicals. These chemicals can be highly explosive. That means if a meth lab is near you, your entire family could be at risk. Abandoned meth labs commonly explode as well. Plus, breathing in these fumes can be detrimental to your health. 

What To Do If A Meth Lab is Near You

If you suspect that you live near a meth lab, please call the police immediately. They can safely investigate a scene to determine whether a meth lab cleanup is required. Never enter the premises of a potential meth lab.

Here are some common indicators of meth labs: if you notice unusual objects like several clear glass containers or chemicals such as ammonia and acetone, then you might want to report the evidence. Other signs include blacked-out windows, powdery residue, and strong odors of cat urine or ammonia. Large amounts of trash might also be a red flag. 

The Meth Lab Cleanup

If you think you have come across a meth lab, don’t enter it. If you are already inside, leave immediately, wash your hands, and rinse your eyes. These harmful materials can cause burns, lung and heart problems, and lead to long-term severe damage. 

If you do live near a meth lab, professional cleaners will properly decontaminate the area. The cleanup crew must first secure the property and begin testing substances to create the right remediation and cleanup plan. Adequate ventilation is key. Georgia Clean uses HEPA filtration systems. Next, we flush plumbing systems and remove substances using hazmat protocols. After that, we vacuum; then cleaning and sanitization follow. 

Georgia Clean Meth Lab Cleanup Today!

If you are concerned about living near a potential meth lab, don’t wait to get help. Waiting can put you in the path of danger of the many hazards of meth labs. Furthermore, you don’t want to risk your life or health by living near a meth lab any longer. Report it to the police and call Georgia Clean today at 777-609-1870.