Homeless Camps Cleanout

Whether a homeless camp has been on your property for a few days or established over several months or years, biohazards such as human waste, used hypodermic needles, and pests are often present and need proper cleanup to prevent illness or injury. At Georgia Clean, we are here to help with homeless camps cleanouts quickly and efficiently. While protecting both ourselves and anyone who may encounter the area in the future.

Homeless camps leave behind unsanitary conditions

From large camps stretching miles to small groupings of tents, if you’re the property owner, it’s your responsibility to make sure anything left behind after a homeless camp leaves is properly and legally cleaned up. When living on the street, people who are homeless must navigate life without plumbing or trash pickup. Over time, the growing pile of refuse, drug paraphernalia, urine, and feces create unsanitary conditions where disease and pests can flourish. Once people who are homeless leave an area, these unsanitary conditions are left behind and others who come into contact with the area can become infected by Hepatitis A,B, C, HIV, E. Coli, and MRSA.

Leave homeless camp cleanouts to the trained professionals at Georgia Clean

If you have a homeless camp on your property, don’t attempt to clean the property yourself or have volunteers complete the work. Amidst the trash can be needles, rats, fleas, leaking battery acid, and human waste. A combination of biohazards such as this makes for a dangerous situation for anyone to be in and without the proper blood-borne pathogen training and personal protective equipment, it’s easy to get stuck with a needle, catch a disease, or become injured. The company or property owner would then be held legally liable for any injury and be responsible for any future damages.

Don’t take the chance by letting untrained people clean the area. At Georgia Clean, we know what it takes to safely remove a wide variety of waste. We strictly adhere to all local and federal rules and regulations in the safe disposal of such dangerous biohazards. Moreover, we also restore the area to how it looked before. By hiring Georgia Clean to complete the cleanup, you can rest assured the entire affected property will be thoroughly cleaned and safe. Experienced in cleaning out camps from multiple areas including sidewalks, under bridges, wooden areas, and on private property throughout Georgia. We know what it takes to clean a variety of materials. We also know how to do it in an environmentally friendly manner.

We’re here to serve you any time of day

Georgia Clean is available 24/7. We have years of experience working with community agencies, first responders, police, and property owners. We work respectfully with all people, helping coordinate efforts and ensure the job is done quickly. Our team will:

  • Remove and legally dispose of all drug paraphernalia and needles
  • Remove and dispose of all trash left behind including makeshift shelters
  • Properly dispose of all biohazardous material including feces, urine, blood, and other bodily fluids
  • Sanitize the area and remove any odor

Call Georgia Clean for Homeless Camp Cleanup

We proudly serve our community throughout Atlanta and the state of Georgia. If you need homeless camp cleanout services on your property, give us a call. We will make sure the entire affected property is safe and sanitary.