How Bloodborne Pathogens Can Cause Illness

Blood spills of any type can release harmful pathogens on your commercial or residential property. When this happens, a bigger issue than the initial blood spill could be at hand. Hazardous bloodborne pathogens can cause numerous illnesses in a short period. You might not even realize you have contracted an illness until symptoms become severe or life-threatening. Sometimes it’s too late at this point. That is why you should always hire a specialized team of bloodborne pathogens experts who can clean up blood spills with the right protective gear. Georgia Clean has the blood spill and biohazard cleaning team you need for your property today! Learn more about bloodborne pathogens by visiting our website today, and keep reading for more on how bloodborne pathogens can cause illness.

What is a Bloodborne Pathogen?

A bloodborne pathogen is a living organism, such as a virus or bacteria, which lives in a blood supply. When a blood spill occurs during a traumatic event, crime, or accident, bloodborne pathogens might be present. There is no way of knowing whether or not a blood spill is contaminated with pathogens using the human eye alone. The only way to determine if pathogens are present is under a microscope. Additionally, you can determine if the individual who spilled blood is known to have an illness. Regardless, you should approach all blood spills with professionalism and caution by hiring a blood spill cleanup team. 

How Illness Spreads

When an individual has pathogens in their system and encounters an accident where they spill blood, the scene should immediately be considered a biohazard zone. Only professionals with personal protective gear such as hazmat suits, goggles, and masks should enter the area. Illness spreads in a human’s blood supply even after it has been sitting for some time. Many pathogens don’t require a live host. When you touch a blood supply that has pathogens present, they can get into your body through your skin, through breathing them in, or through contact with openings in your body such as your mouth or nostrils.  

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Many people don’t like thinking about bloodborne pathogens simply because they are associated with traumatic events. However, the average citizen needs to be aware of the dangers of blood spills and bloodborne pathogens so that they can protect themselves. If you witness or come across a blood spill, don’t touch any blood on the scene if possible. Seek medical attention when this occurs. Furthermore, it’s wise to bring in a bloodborne pathogens cleanup team from Georgia Clean. Our experts can tackle all types of blood spills. We can eliminate the transmission of illness caused by numerous bloodborne pathogens. You can reach us at 770-464-5207 anytime.