How to Clean a House Infected with C. Diff?

If you or a loved one have been diagnosed with C. Diff (Clostridium Difficile), it’s very important for their home to be thoroughly cleaned before he or she returns from the hospital in order to prevent reinfection.

C. Diff Spores

Once C. Diff has entered an environment, the spores can successfully live on various surfaces for up to six months waiting to reinfect the patient or cause anyone who touches the surface to become sick. As anti-bacterial hand sanitizer and regular household cleaning products don’t completely eradicate C. Diff, thorough remediation is needed.

C. Diff Cleanup

In order to eradicate C. Diff from your home, you need to clean and disinfect every surface, making sure to include high touch surfaces such as remotes, light switches, light fixtures, bathrooms, knobs, furniture, and cabinets. When it comes to porous surfaces, though, such as cloth chairs or couches, thorough cleaning is nearly impossible without industrial-grade cleaners and professional application.

Three Major Issues with a DIY Approach

  1. C. diff is highly contagious and there is a considerable risk of getting infected if you do not have the proper PPE to protect yourself.
  2. Most over the counter cleaners will not kill C. diff. Simply wiping down the infected areas will not eradicate the problem.
  3. The reinfection rate is high when the affected area has not been properly cleaned leading to another stay in the hospital, and, in some cases, death.

Instead of putting yourself at risk, call us at Georgia Clean for quick and thorough C. diff remediation. With our experienced team, you can be confident all the spores have been eradicated and you and your loved ones are safe from reinfection.

We Use the Latest Technology: Tomi Steramist

Here at Georgia Clean, we utilize the latest technology of Tomi Steramist for biohazard cleanup. With a fast application, Tomi Steramist kills 99.9999% of all C. Diff spores and germs on contact and once applied, evenly treats a whole room at once. Extremely effective and environmentally safe, Steramist requires no wiping and leaves no residue. Safe for both children and pets, it even goes into drawers along with treating all porous surfaces. Once treated, we then use hospital-grade cleaners to clean all touchpoint areas including door jambs, knobs, cabinets, light sockets, and bathrooms.

Georgia Clean is detail oriented. Whether C diff is outside, in a school, home, or place of business, we know how to make sure your property is truly safe. You can rest assured you are getting quality and knowledgeable service and that your house will be safe from any C. Diff contamination.

We Respect Your Privacy

We understand needing professional C. Diff decontamination may be a private matter for you. The experts at Georgia Clean are professionals and we respect your privacy, always treating your situation with the strictest confidence. We will therefore arrive at your home or business in an unmarked vehicle wearing plain uniforms to quickly disinfect the area. Your satisfaction is our priority and you can be sure we will do it the right way every time.

Covering the Cost of Cleanup

When a doctor writes an order to clean a patient’s house from any C. diff contamination, many home insurance companies will cover the cost of cleanup. Contact your loved one’s doctor to ask for a medical order saying the home must be disinfected from C. diff before the patient can return. Take this to the insurance company and tell them there has been a medical emergency in the home and send them a copy of the medical order. For many policies, the only thing you’ll have to pay is the deductible.

Call Georgia Clean for Immediate Remediation

Georgia Clean serves all communities throughout Georgia and the greater Atlanta area. With 24/7 emergency services, you never have to wait for a solution. Locally owned and operated, we are licensed, bonded, and insured.

Give us a call today at 770-766-4562 and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have or provide you with a free quote and consultation.