How to Know If Your Home Has Been Exposed to Deadly Pathogens

Your home should be a safe place for you and your family to relax and unwind. But when deadly pathogens invade, it can become a dangerous living environment instead. Without proper hazmat protection, it can be dangerous to attempt to clean your home. Hiring a professional biowaste and hazmat removal company can help you stay safe and healthy. Even if you only suspect exposure to pathogens, it’s always a good idea to call a certified and trained technician to inspect your house.

Water Damage

Mold is a particularly dangerous pathogen that, unfortunately, is common in many homes. However, mold doesn’t just grow randomly for no reason. If your house has suffered water damage, there’s likely mold not too far behind. Most mold species thrive in a moist environment. The longer water is left to sit in your home, the more likely mold growth could be. Calling a professional mold remediation company can help ensure your home and breathing space is safe for your family.


Human remains and bodily fluids can be extremely hazardous if not handled properly. Even death by natural causes can lead to serious injury and illness without the proper hazmat protection. If someone dies in your home, it’s likely that blood, urine, feces, or toxic gases are present as well. And if that death was associated with a crime scene, there could be additional hazards to deal with, such as drugs or exposed sharps. With an experienced biohazard cleanup crew, you can get your home back to a fresh and healthy environment once more.


Hoarding and clutter can lead to some potentially dangerous pathogens in your house. Even if the hoarded items themselves aren’t naturally dangerous, the environment they create can be. Hoarding tends to lead to issues with cleaning, where dust and water damage build up in a house. And the tight quarters are a welcoming home to many pests and other animals that can leave behind their waste. Hoarding and clutter cleanup doesn’t just remove the junk from a house; it also cleans and sterilizes the affected areas to ensure all deadly pathogens are removed.

Hazmat Protection for Your Home

Georgia Clean is an IICRC-certified trauma cleanup and biohazard removal company ready to jump in and help your home. Our trained technicians are fully up to date on all hazmat protection laws, ensuring that everyone remains safe while we’re cleaning up your property. If you think your home may have been exposed to deadly pathogens, give us a call at 770-609-1870. The longer you wait to reach out, the more damage biohazardous waste can cause to your house and your health. As a State of Georgia Trauma Scene Licensed company, we can help deal with any pathogen that may be present. Our quick and efficient services will get your house back to a fresh and healthy environment as soon as possible.