How to Report a Crime on Your Property and Clean Up the Mess

When your property becomes the scene of a crime, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed and panicked. However, it’s best to take a calm, step-by-step approach to reporting crimes that have occurred on your property. Georgia Clean can help with crime scene cleaning. We offer the Atlanta region affordable and reliable crime scene cleaning services of all types. You can learn everything you need to know about us and our services on our website. We offer a free consultation process and 24/7 emergency call services for your convenience. When a crime scene has happened where you live, don’t fret! Our specialized team of OSHA-compliant and trained technicians is just a phone call away. Here is what you should do to report a crime that has happened on your property. 

Remain Calm and Call First Responders 

The first thing you should do after a crime has happened on your property is call for help. Even if the initial crime or danger has passed, it’s best to get first responders on site quickly to evaluate the situation. If other people are on the property, ensure their safety as well and see if they might need to remain behind for eyewitness statements. Remember, crimes of all types can happen to anyone, from break-ins and vandalism to homicides and other violent crimes. Being aware of the potential dangers after a crime and contacting emergency responders fast can help alleviate damage as well as injury. 

Document Damage and Evidence for Crime Scene Cleaning 

Next, you will need to work closely with crime scene investigators and emergency responders to document property damage and other evidence. Your level of involvement in this process might vary depending on the type of crime scene, as well as the nature of the crime itself. In the meantime, you can begin considering crime scene cleaning services, which will be an integral aspect of proper crime scene reporting and cleanup efforts. 

Crime Scene Cleaning Services 

Finally, contacting crime scene cleaning services is important to safely clean up any crime scene. Many crime scenes have multiple biohazard threats present. It is best to avoid contact with these scenes as much as possible. Make sure others on your property are not injured and get them somewhere safe if needed. After a crime scene, everything from multiple biohazards to physical debris can be a threat to anyone there. Georgia Clean’s crime scene cleaning services are here to help with fast, reliable crime scene cleaning. Our team knows how to tackle crime scenes of all kinds quickly, including homes, businesses, apartments, etc. 

Contact Us for Crime Scene Cleaning 

For all your crime scene cleaning needs, Georgia Clean is just a quick phone call away. We work directly with crime scene investigators and your insurance company when necessary. We can provide blood spill cleanup, drug cleanup, homicide cleaning, and suicide cleanups. If any crime has happened on your property, stay calm and give us a call at 770-464-5207. We are covered by insurance, licensed and bonded, and here to help today. You can count on Georgia Clean any time.