How We Can Help Your Commercial Building

Managing a commercial building can be challenging. More often than not, it’s difficult to truly keep an eye on everything going on inside. Sometimes, disastrous scenarios are discovered long after the damage has been done. Crimes, hoarding, and even drug labs can all put a strain on your commercial building management career. Cleaning up after less-than-ideal residents and businesses can be dangerous if not handled properly. Georgia Clean offers a wide variety of commercial cleaning services to help you restore your property and get it back on the market in no time at all.

Biohazard Cleanup

A traumatic event in any home or office can leave behind biohazard exposure. Whether it’s a crime scene, a death, or the site of drug use, biohazardous waste requires the proper safety equipment and training to dispose of properly. Our biohazard cleanup technicians are fully certified in all safety measures. We can safely and quickly remove biohazardous waste from your property. After we’ve removed it, we can then provide a thorough and effective cleaning and sanitization service to ensure the area is safe for use again.

Hoarding Cleanup

If you discover that someone was hoarding in your building, there’s a lot – literally – to dig through to clean it all up. Not only does hoarding cleanup require a lot of time and effort, but it can also be dangerous. Depending on what was being hoarded, a number of hazardous materials could be hidden among the piles. Hoarding often attracts rodents, pests, and insects. It can also provide an environment for mold and other dangerous growths. Georgia Clean can provide full-scale removal and cleanup of any size hoard, getting your property back under control and ready for use.

Infectious Disease Cleanup

If someone infected with a disease entered your property, it’s important that you clean and sanitize the area they were in to prevent the disease from spreading. Diseases such as the flu, C. Diff, MRSA, and measles all require a safe and efficient approach to cleaning and sanitizing. We fully equip our technicians with the best safety precautions available, keeping them and you safe during the process. After cleaning the area, we’ll be sure to disinfect and sanitize all surfaces to ensure that the disease does not affect anyone else. We work quickly to get your property back in working condition as soon as possible.

If you manage a commercial property, you can’t be expected to do everything yourself. Georgia Clean is your partner for all commercial building management needs. Our technicians are highly trained. They also use industry-standard tools to clean up and sanitize any commercial trauma. If your property needs biohazard waste cleanup, hoarding cleanup, or any other service, call us today at 770-609-1870. We’ll work quickly and efficiently to get your property back to working condition in a safe and reliable manner.