3 Ways Georgia Clean Works with Your Insurance Company

Working one-on-one with your insurance company can be a stressful process for home and business owners who have recently sustained property damage. Since dealing with your insurance company is already stressful enough on top of worrying about repairs and restoration efforts for your property, we want to help. At Georgia Clean, we offer insurance company partners the ability to work directly with us helping their clients focus on more important tasks. At Georgia Clean, our insurance company partnerships help us expedite insurance proceedings for those in need of immediate restoration efforts. 

Georgia Clean is known for our Atlanta-area remediation and biohazard cleanup services for both commercial and residential settings. Here are just three of the many ways we work with your insurance company during your restoration process. Learn more by visiting our website today!

How We Partner with Local Insurance Providers 

At Georgia Clean, we understand that dealing with recent restoration issues or traumatic events can be made worse by having to work with your insurance company. It seems insurance proceedings don’t often run smoothly, which can lead to more frustration. That’s why we partner with local insurance providers to help our customers during these difficult times. We partner with a wide variety of insurance providers to help you receive fair payouts to begin cleanup, biohazard removal, and restoration efforts on your property. Our pricing structure makes this possible. We work with local insurance carriers, auto companies, renter insurance providers, homeowners insurance companies, and even commercial insurance entities to streamline your proceedings and payment process. 

Direct Reporting to Insurance Company Partners

In addition, we offer direct reporting to your insurance provider. This eliminates your amount of contact with your company, letting you focus on the other matters at hand. All we need is some initial information from you to begin a partnership with your provider. Then we handle the rest. We even work with insurance providers to cover  costs for temporary housing and transportation if needed. 

We Stand Out Among Competitor Partnerships

Finally, we work with your insurance company better than competing cleaning, restoration, and remediation service providers because of our outstanding certifications. We have years of experience handling biohazard cleanups as well as restoration efforts for residential and commercial properties. Since detailed cleaning services are at the heart of what we do at Georgia Clean, we take great pride in maintaining strict OSHA certifications. We always follow OSHA guidelines and regulations. This sets us apart in the eyes of insurance companies, allowing us to establish better collaborative relationships with local providers. In turn, this helps our customers during their cleanup and restoration services. 

Contact Us Today to Learn About Insurance Company Partners

When it comes to insurance company partners you can trust, we are the leading experts in the Atlanta, Georgia area. We invite you to reach out to us today to learn more about getting started with our 24/7 emergency services. We are just a phone call away at 770-464-5207. You can also learn more about how we can help by visiting our website.