Massage Parlor Shootings in Acworth and Atlanta

The massage parlor shootings in Acworth and Atlanta have left our community reeling. Whenever we at Georgia Clean hear of a violent crime, our hearts go out to the victims and those scarred by the terrible actions taken. We’ve seen the effects of damage done and the lives torn apart so many times, over and over again. Every time we enter the horrific scenes of a homicide or violent act, we see the blood, the spaces in disarray, and sometimes, the traumatized faces of those who experienced the event itself.

This week when we learned of the shootings in Acworth and Atlanta, our hearts broke for the precious lives lost, for those hiding in fear, and for the families whose loved ones will never come home. In the space of an hour or two, not only were our local communities left deep in horror and grief, but the rest of the country, too, is scared and fearful, especially those of Asian descent. With eight people killed in cold blood (six of them of Asian descent), one injured, and many more left trembling in fear while coworkers and clients died around them, the effects of these crimes are far flung and deeply damaging.

Indeed, the reality of this crime is still sinking in, not only for the three massage parlors and those directly affected, but for us all. Any crime committed is horrible. When it includes a large proportion of a group of people however, such as those of Asian descent, the ripples are felt in places far and near for years to come.

More than a biohazard cleaning company

More than a biohazard cleaning company, we at Georgia Clean see our work as more than crime scene cleanup or biohazard remediation. We see our work as serving our community by making the environments we live and work in safer and helping those who experience crime, accidents, or unexpected deaths, move forward in restored spaces.

At the very least, after the crime scene cleanup is completed at the three massage parlors/spas (Young’s Asian Massage, Young's Asian MassageGold Spa, and Aromatherapy Spa), those left behind can at least collect themselves and grieve in peace knowing the tasks of blood and body tissue removal, tasks beyond their abilities, are handled by those experienced in leaving behind a completely clean environment. In the shadow of what was taken from victims of crime, it may seem to be a small thing but disinfecting the spaces and removing the visible and invisible signs of the crime itself makes a world of difference to those who need it. Biohazard cleanup is our way to bring light to dark places.

As the communities of Acworth and Atlanta grieve and grapple with the reality of what happened last Tuesday, and the world at-large absorbs the implications, it is our hope those affected find the support and comfort they need. May they find the light they need among the dark shadows.

Georgia Clean is here to help

Georgia Clean is always here to help anyone throughout both the Atlanta and Acworth areas along with the wider state of Georgia who need crime scene cleanup or any type of biohazard remediation. No matter what you’re facing or how large or small the space, we have the crew and expertise to quickly handle the situation with compassion and skill. With emergency biohazard cleanup services available 24-7, we are always one phone call away to answer questions and help you through whatever biohazard issue you may be facing.

All our staff at Georgia Clean are thinking of the victims of these crimes and those left behind from the massage parlor and spa shootings in Acworth and Atlanta.