Four Types of Crime Scenes that Need Professional Cleaning Services

There are many types of crime scenes that require detailed cleanup in the aftermath of an investigation. Professional cleaning services for crime scenes are often necessary because of the presence of biohazards. Everything from bodily fluids such as fecal matter and urine to bloodborne pathogens could be present on the site. Professional cleaning services for crime scenes can tackle these hazards safely and with the right equipment to stop the spread of dangerous viruses or bacteria. Georgia Clean is here to help by serving Atlanta and surrounding regions with crime scene cleaning. Contact us today or visit our website to learn more or begin your consultation process.

Here are just four types of crime scenes that require professional cleaning services in their wake. 

Meth Lab Cleanups

When a meth lab is discovered near your place of business or residence, it’s essential that law enforcement and professional cleaning services for crime scenes work together. Meth labs are extremely dangerous spots with numerous hazards present. First of all, biohazards are often present, as meth labs are not sterile environments. Second, meth labs have a high explosion risk, as well as harsh chemicals in the air. That is why professionals with protective gear and years of training handling these dangerous substances are the ones to call to clean up a meth lab scene. Furthermore, Georgia Clean’s experts know how to work with law enforcement during investigations and cleaning processes. 

Homicide Crime Scenes

At Georgia Clean, we also provide homicide cleaning services. After a homicide has happened on your property, it’s important to contact law enforcement immediately. However, law enforcement only documents evidence and conducts their investigation. After they are finished, biohazards and other hazards still remain on site. That’s where we come into the picture. Our cleaning professionals come to your property and act fast to remove biohazardous threats from the scene. We work below the surface to eliminate all types of biohazards permanently with industrial solutions and equipment. 

Suicide Professional Cleaning Services for Crime Scenes 

Suicides are another common type of crime scene we encounter at Georgia Clean. Suicides are often difficult for loved ones to process, which is why we always work to create a supportive, discreet, and respectful environment. We use unmarked vans and uniforms to protect your privacy every time. Our team can handle all types of suicide cleanup with precision and fast response times. We also offer a 24/7 emergency call system so you can get the aid you need whenever you require it most. 

Possible Breaking and Entering Scenes 

A final type of crime scene we often encounter at Georgia Clean is break-ins. Break-ins are not always a hazardous situation that requires professional cleaning. However, in some cases there could be potential hazards or extreme destruction that necessitate a professional cleaning team. If this has happened to you on your professional or private property, call us today to get a quick response! 

Contact Us for Professional Cleaning Services for Crime Scenes

Crime scenes can occur anywhere and at any time. Unfortunately, nobody is immune to a crime scene happening on their property. However, there is help for those who need professional cleaning services for crime scenes. Contact our team at Georgia Clean anytime to learn more or get started with our OSHA-regulated services! You can reach us by phone at 770-766-4562 or on our website.