Roswell, Georgia

Roswell Death and Blood Cleanup

Sometimes death or accident involving blood or other bodily fluids happens here in Roswell, Georgia, our staff at Georgia Clean are here for you to take the responsibility of cleanup off your shoulders and get you on the road to recovery. Always available 24/7, we have the skills and experience necessary to remove every hazardous substance. We also decontaminate the entire area so everyone is safe.
Wherever you are in North Fulton County, Georgia Clean is here to assist you in such situations as:

  • Crime scenes
  • Homicides
  • Unattended deaths
  • Industrial accidents
  • Suicides

All our staff at Georgia Clean are dedicated to serve you in your time of need. Moreover, we offer the highest standards of customer service and biohazard cleanup. Always putting you first, our staff will never ask any prying questions and will serve with compassion and respect.

Our professional team will handle the blood cleanup for you

When a tragic event occurs resulting in a death or spilled blood, it can be a deeply traumatic and emotional time for those involved. Even in the best of conditions, someone untrained in biohazard and blood cleanup should never attempt the task. With viruses and bacteria invisible to the eye lurking in such hazards, even the smallest amount missed can have disastrous consequences. However, you should never allow someone untrained in handling biohazards clean the space. To properly remediate a property, a person should be fully trained in how to clean up after bodily fluids along with the possessing the needed licenses and permits to throw the materials away as medical waste. Without these qualifications, a property owner can be held legally liable for any damages due to improper cleanup and face steep fines for illegal disposal.

To make sure the problem is fully handled, and everyone is safe from infectious diseases such as HIV and Hepatitis B & C, rely on our team to do the task at hand. With professionalism and care, we’ll remove all the body fluids, decontaminate any salvageable personal belongings, then clean, sanitize, and decontaminate the entire affected area so all traces of the event are removed and the property restored.

We clean all types of properties after deaths and blood spills

Whether the property in question is a home, business, vehicle, or a parking lot outside, our staff have the experience needed to clean every type of surface and make it safe for the public. We know the event itself can be life-changing. However, we work hard on working as quickly as possible. We also make sure that every biohazard has been fully removed and the area restored. With our team, you’ll know the job has been done right and you’re free to moved forward with your customers, employees, or loved ones.
Most insurance covers the cost of biohazard cleanup in Roswell
Wherever you are in Roswell, Georgia, your property insurance should cover the cost of professional biohazard cleanup after a death or blood spill. Though you will need to check on your specific policy, insurance usually covers services including:

  • The cost of professional biohazard cleanup after a death, crime, or accident
  • Replacement of any unsalvageable items too contaminated to clean (we provide a detailed list)
  • Replacement of any building materials removed during the remediation

Our staff at Georgia Clean make you and your family our first priority. With attention to detail, we carefully document all the damage and any unsalvageable items before filing the insurance claim on your behalf. We also make sure the insurance company’s questions get promptly answered.  In conclusion, all you have to do is sit back and let us handle it.

Contact Georgia Clean

Wherever you are in Roswell or North Fulton County, Georgia Clean is just a phone call away. We offer prompt 24/7 emergency biohazard cleanup services. Our discreet team of biohazard cleaners are available to clean your Georgia property after any type of death or accident.
Conveniently located in nearby, you never have to wait for a solution. Call us today at 770-629-0786 or through our online contact form.

Roswell, Georgia – Death Cleanups in the News

Articles such as these rarely, if ever, mention the blood cleanup that is needed after a shooting. The police don’t clean up the death scene as some people think, crime scene cleaners do.

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Deadly shooting at a Roswell apartment complex that appears to have stemmed from an ongoing dispute.