Bodily Fluid Cleanup

When dealing with cleaning up bodily fluids from both animals and humans such as blood, urine, and feces, every possible area of contamination must be thoroughly cleaned and decontaminated by professional cleaners so the area is safe to use.

At Georgia Clean, we listen carefully to your situation and implement our extensive wealth of knowledge in restoring your property to tailor a solution to your needs.

What To Do If You Have A Bodily Fluid Spill

If you are dealing with a spill of bodily fluids on your Georgia property, keep other people safe and avoid further cross-contamination by immediately cordoning off the area. Once we arrive on the scene, we’ll walk you through the bodily fluid cleanup process and answer any questions you may have. We will then put on personal protective equipment such as biohazard suits, air filtering masks, and gloves, and seal off the area before we undertake the cleaning and sanitization. Once the work is completed, we will legally dispose of any contaminated materials that can’t be salvaged while following all local rules and regulations. We will then submit insurance paperwork on your behalf.

Georgia Properties We Regularly Clean:

  • Businesses
  • Homes
  • Boats
  • Cars
  • Streets and parking lots
  • Others

Rely On The Professionals For Thorough Bodily Fluid Cleanup

When dealing with the needed cleanup of bodily fluids, only allow trained professionals to handle the situation. While friends and family have the best of intentions in their offers to help, they simply don’t have the skills, cleaning products, protective gear, or equipment necessary to make sure the area is fully clean and all bodily fluids are removed.

For bodily fluids such as blood, urine, feces, or other fluids from a decomposing body, simply cleaning up the materials with soap and water is not enough. Not only are household cleaners not created to be strong enough to kill the bacteria and viruses that carry diseases such as HIV, Hepatitis B, and Hepatitis C, but most people don’t know the proper techniques needed to avoid cross-contamination or even realize all the places bodily fluids can go. Don’t take the risk of anything being missed and having to face legal liability.

Our Team At Georgia Clean Is The Best In The Business

At Georgia Clean, our experienced team knows what it takes to not only clean the bodily fluids you can see, but we also clean the fluids you can’t see, even if they have seeped into other surface layers. With state-of-the-art cleaning technology, we will clean and disinfect the entire area, properly dispose of any contaminated material, and make sure the area is safe to use.