Cleaning Up Blood After a Stabbing

Our staff at Georgia Clean are the last people to deal with a crime scene after a stabbing has taken place. Once the investigation is complete and the coroner has removed the body, the police release the scene back to the property owners to handle whatever mess is left behind. Some crimes are quick to clean up with little to no blood left behind. Other crimes, such as a stabbing, can leave behind a lot of blood in a wide variety of places.

Blood can be widespread after a stabbing

In our experience, a stabbing victim generally leaves behind a lot of blood in numerous locations. As the victim moves from place to place during the altercation, their blood and bodily fluids fall wherever the person goes. This could be as small as around one room or as widespread as several rooms throughout the house and down the street outside. If there is more than one victim, then the amount of blood can be far greater.

Blood clean up on a variety of surfaces and widespread locations is difficult. It takes the professionals at Georgia Clean to make sure every small amount of blood has been cleaned. We also make sure that the area is safe for all who enter. Depending on the material being cleaned, drywall, carpet, or wooden furniture, for example, there are different techniques and cleaning equipment needed to fully remove the blood and meticulously decontaminate the surface. To remove blood stains after a stabbing, it takes a special set of skills. Professionals have to make sure everything has been removed and the areas left behind are truly clean and safe.

Here at Georgia Clean, we clean up after blood, crime scenes, accidents, and unattended deaths. When a crime such as a stabbing occurs, it is important to clean up the resulting fluids as soon as possible. Over time, if blood is left to itself, fluids will seep into all the small nooks and crannies of a space including underneath building layers. The longer they are left, the more extensive the cleanup will need to be. We have years of experience and in-depth training on cleaning blood-borne pathogens and crime scene cleanup. We know what it takes to restore a property after a stabbing has taken place.

Protect yourself from blood borne pathogens

When there is needed blood cleanup after a stabbing occurs, regular cleaning products are simply not enough to disinfect surfaces. In addition to giving us life and carrying oxygen throughout our bodies, blood also carries a number of diseases. When on a surface outside our bodies, these diseases can still lurk if not cleaned up with a strong enough solution. People without proper blood cleanup training, also don’t understand the many places blood can go after a stabbing or how blood can soak into building structure layers unseen.

Protect yourself by relying on our experienced blood cleanup specialists. At Georgia Clean, we are dedicated to providing compassionate and thorough blood cleanup after a crime has occurred. Our team is centrally located in Atlanta, Georgia. We are always discreet and work in a way not to draw attention to ourselves. Arriving in an unmarked vehicle wearing plain uniforms to keep away prying eyes, your safety and well-being are our priority. With us, you’ll know both you and your property are protected and you will be free to move forward.

Need blood cleanup in Georgia?

To arrange for cleanup of blood and other bodily fluids after a stabbing, call us today at Georgia Clean. Available 24/7, our highly trained biohazard cleaning technicians are here to fully restore your property. Don’t risk damage to the building structure or being infected by an infectious disease due to improper cleanup. Rely on the experts to make sure you and your family are safe. Once the police have completed their investigation and released the scene, we’ll be there to clean the entire area. We clean both indoors and out, so you can protect your property and all who live there.