Dead Body Cleanup

The life of every person is precious and any time they pass away can be fraught with grief. When a loved one passes away due to suicide, crime, an accident, or dies without being found right away, the days and weeks following can be even more difficult due to the necessary cleanup of biohazards left behind.

Whenever those days come, you need a company that will step into your Georgia home or business to help. We will conduct the dead body cleanup by thoroughly cleaning and disinfecting the space so you can grieve in safety.  We protect both your property and your loved ones. Georgia Clean is always here for you with compassion and experienced dead body cleanup whenever you need us.

Needed biohazard cleanup after dead bodies are removed

Once a person has died or their body has been found, the police arrive to investigate to see if a crime has been committed. Once their investigation is complete, the coroner arrives to pick up and prepare the body as per the family’s wishes.

After everyone leaves, though, the family, friends, or landlord of the deceased are left to handle any biohazards left behind on the property and will face legal ramifications if it is done improperly or by those without legal licensure to dispose of the resulting biohazardous waste. Depending on the death, biohazards can be spread across a large or small area and need to be completely and safely removed. In the case of dead body cleanup, these substances can include:

  • blood
  • body tissue
  • bodily fluids from decomposition
  • vomit
  • urine
  • feces
  • drugs
  • chemicals used in investigations

In addition to cleaning up all these biohazardous substances from multiple types of materials and locations in the space, the area must then be fully sanitized and disinfected, and the resulting waste legally disposed of. If any of this is done improperly or without the proper licenses and permits, the person with legal responsibility for the property in question can face large fines and other legal ramifications.

Georgia Clean is here to help with dead body cleanup throughout Georgia

With assistance ready to go at a moment’s notice, you never have to wait for help after your loved one has died. We know what a difficult time this can be and we are dedicated to being there for you, offering death cleanup services throughout Georgia 24/7. Based in the Atlanta area, we service the entire state of Georgia and are only a phone call away.

Each member of our team has a wealth of experience cleaning up after dead bodies from all types of properties and each knows how to use the latest technology in cleaning and safe biohazard removal techniques. Understanding that the longer bodily fluids sit on a surface, the deeper the damage, we pride ourselves in being there for our neighbors at all hours of the day or night. Our team arrives in an unmarked vehicle wearing plain uniforms. We honor your privacy by being discreet and to help keep prying eyes away. In addition to cleaning the area, we also clean and restore to you as many contaminated personal belongings as possible.

Only hire professionals

Only those professionally trained in dead body cleanup should ever take on the task. Not only is the work physically taxing but can also leave deep emotional scars, especially for people who were friends or family of the deceased. If you have suffered a loss and need body fluids cleaned up, turn to Georgia Clean. Our team is caring and respectful while also knowing how to stoically deal with traumatic scenes. With industrial-grade cleaners and professional cleaning equipment that can quickly cover large areas, we’ll restore your property and make sure it is safe to occupy.

We at Georgia Clean know what it takes to clean an area after someone has died. With the possibility of disease-causing viruses and bacteria in any biohazard situation we come across, we always protect ourselves and others with personal protective gear and make sure fluids are removed from all layers, not just the visible surfaces. When we’re finished cleaning, we also permanently remove any lingering odor so it never returns.

Most insurance covers dead body cleanup

Most property insurance policies cover the cost of professional biohazard cleanup after someone has died on your property. You will need to check on your specific policy’s coverage. We gladly take insurance and will even document the damage and file the claim on your behalf. With no money taken up front, most insurance covers such costs after events such as suicide, crime, murder, accidents, or unattended deaths:

  • Professional biohazard cleaning services
  • Replacing any items too damaged to salvage (we will document every single one)
  • The cost to restore the property to the condition it was in before the death occurred

Call us today for immediate service

Georgia Clean is a fully accredited, bonded, and insured company. We follow all the guidelines set forth by OSHA as well as all state and federal regulations.

Available any time of day or night, we are always here to answer questions. Give you a free quote or consultation, or provide immediate service. Give us a call at 770-766-4562 and we’ll be there to help.