Trauma Cleanup

You Deserve To Have The Best Trauma Cleanup Service Helping You

After experiencing a traumatic event like a crime, an accident, or discovering a death, the last thing you want to do is worry about cleaning up the mess. However, the longer the mess from the trauma remains, the longer you will have that painful reminder of what happened and the longer hazardous materials left behind like blood or other bodily fluids have time to decompose. 

You shouldn’t have to relive the trauma by cleaning up your property on your own. Georgia Clean is on call 24 hours a day. As the #1 recommended trauma scene cleanup company in Georgia, our team has the knowledge, tools, and experience necessary to make your space usable and safe again. 


As the leading Georgia trauma cleanup specialist, Georgia Clean has 20+ years of experience offering 24/7 safe, quick, and confidential trauma site cleanup.

Licensed & Certified

Georgia Clean follows all OSHA & EPA guidelines while cleaning your property. We are a fully accredited & insured trauma cleanup company.

Discreet & Compassionate

We arrive in unmarked vehicles & plain uniforms to protect your privacy. Respect and compassion are at the forefront of all our customer interactions.

Georgia Clean’s Trauma Cleanup Services

Our team at Georgia Clean knows that your traumatic incidents can come in many different forms. Because of this, we are trained and experienced in a variety of trauma cleanup services including:

Risk of Cleaning Up After a Traumatic Event

Handling biohazards comes with a fair amount of risk. Viruses and bacteria which cause diseases such as MRSA, HIV-AIDS, Heptatis B & C, and C. Diff can still remain on surrounding surfaces ready to infect anyone who comes into contact with them. If you choose to do it yourself, you can be held legally liable for any resulting damages. Even the smallest amount missed can have disastrous consequences.

If you are dealing with a traumatic incident, whether it’s in your home or business, hire the experienced professionals at Georgia Clean. With our years of experience cleaning up after all types of trauma, we know not only where to look but what it takes to clean the area and make sure your home or business is safe for all involved. We use state-of-the-art equipment and products, as well as personal protective gear to clean, decontaminate, and sanitize every surface and item with great care, returning to you what we can and legally disposing of what cannot be salvaged.

Don’t Clean the Trauma Yourself

In the shock of grief, it can be tempting to accept the offer of a friend or family member who offers to clean the area of any biohazards on your behalf. For someone untrained in such cleanup, however, it is extremely difficult to do the job correctly. They aren’t familiar with how to clean up after blood-borne pathogens, have the permits and licenses to legally dispose of the resulting biohazards, or even know to what extent the building materials can be affected. Such people also don’t have the proper equipment or disinfectants rated to remove all possible dangers. While they are well-intentioned, they are not trained or equipped to deal with the situation.

Trust Georgia Clean for Quality Trauma Cleanup

When you are dealing with a traumatic event involving biohazards, we know you’re going through a lot while grieving the loss of a loved one so we never ask for payment up front. Homeowner’s insurance usually covers medical emergencies and trauma cleanup. If all this sounds overwhelming, don’t worry. We are here to help you through the whole process – even helping with filling a claim.

Georgia Clean understands that the time following a traumatic event is a vulnerable time for you. Because of this, we always handle trauma cleanup with compassion, sensitivity, and discretion. If you have any special requests or concerns during the cleanup, we will go out of our way to meet them. To maintain your privacy, we arrive in unmarked vans and plain uniforms.

Our Hassle-Free

3 Step Process

Call now. We offer 24/7 emergency services in Atlanta and all of Georgia.

We’ll cleanup the area, following all protocols for biohazard handling & disposal. 

You can focus on moving on from these events with a safe and clean property.