Industrial Cleanup

Expert Biohazard Cleanup for Industrial Properties

Businesses that operate in industrial and warehouse settings pose unique cleaning challenges that average janitorial services are not equipped to address. From cleanup of hazardous materials to cleanup of blood or bodily fluids, you can count on Georgia Clean for all your industrial cleanup needs.

The experienced team at Georgia Clean has specialized training and equipment to ensure that your space is cleaned quickly and correctly. Contact us today to see how we can help.


Georgia Clean has 20+ years of experience offering 24/7 safe, quick, and confidential industrial cleanup services.

Licensed & Certified

Georgia Clean follows all OSHA & EPA guidelines while cleaning your property. We are a fully accredited & insured industrial cleanup company.

Specialized Equipment & Processes

Georgia clean uses cleanup methods and equipment specially designed for industrial spaces.

Our Industrial Cleaning Services

Georgia Clean offers a variety of industrial cleaning services including:

Ensure the safety of all your employees and minimize business interruptions by trusting the professionals at Georgia Clean for industrial cleanup. 

Trust the Experts at Georgia Clean

Your business operations and the safety of your team are on the line. Georgia Clean works quickly and effectively to make your industrial space clean and safe for you and your employees. Our processes include:

  • Cleaning, disinfecting, and sanitizing areas
  • Disposing of medical and chemical waste
  • Following lock-out and tag-out protocols
  • Following OSHA and NIOSH rules and regulations
  • Cleaning chemical spills
  • Containing accident areas
  • Scene change and post-production cleanup

Industrial Cleanup is a Job for Experts

Don’t rely on your employees or everyday janitorial services to clean up your industrial or warehouse site. Industrial cleaning involves hazards like chemicals, large equipment, and biohazards that your employees and janitorial teams are not trained to deal with safely. Specialized industrial cleanup teams keep your employees and your safe space. Avoid all potential liability and fines by trusting our trained team at Georgia Clean.

Our Hassle-Free

3 Step Process

Call now. We offer 24/7 emergency services in Atlanta and all of Georgia.

We’ll cleanup the area, following all protocols for biohazard handling & disposal. 

You can focus on moving on from these events with a safe and clean property.