Meth Lab Cleanup

If your home or business was the recent scene for a meth lab, trust the confidential professionals at Georgia Clean. We ensure the safety of your family and property. We understand the complexity of the situation and will quickly arrive to provide fast, effective, and discreet methamphetamine cleanup.

Our team provides complete and compassionate meth lab cleanup to homeowners and business owners in Atlanta and throughout Georgia. Instead of placing your family or business at risk, trust Georgia Clean for a fast solution.

Confidential Meth Lab Cleanup, Testing, and Decontamination

We understand the frustration and embarrassment that may be associated with having a meth lab in your home or rental property. As a result, we use extreme discretion when we provide our effective solutions. Our experts show up in a nondescript vehicle and in unmarked uniforms. We quickly clean up the waste and remove all residue from your home without making a scene.

Georgia Clean will never ask you any questions or interrogate you about the situation. Instead, we are only there to help you through this difficult time and provide the most effective and confidential solution.

The Cost of Meth Lab Cleanup

When it comes to meth lab or meth use cleanup, most of our customers are pleasantly surprised to have little to no out-of-pocket costs. Since most homeowners insurances understand the inherent dangers of meth labs, they include provisions in the policy. At Georgia Clean, we work directly with your insurance company to arrive at a solution. We have expert insurance specialists who ensure all of the proper paperwork and documentation is filed. In the end, our goal is to provide expert meth cleanup with as little out-of-pocket expense for you and your family or business.

Fast Methamphetamine Lab Cleanup

If you had a meth lab or the use of meth in your home or business, time is of the essence. The longer you allow the residue to stay in your home, the more saturation into walls, ceilings, cabinets etc. can occur. However, our experts are trained to quickly respond to the presence of meth within the hour in most instances.

After we arrive on the scene, we will work safely and effectively to decontaminate your home apartment or business. Our ultimate goal is to restore your property to the way it was before the incident.

24/7 Meth Lab Cleanup in Georgia

Unfortunately, accidents and hazards never wait for convenience to happen. The professionals at Georgia Clean understand this problem and never expect you to wait for a solution. Simply give us a call any time of day or night for an immediate meth lab cleanup.

Contact Georgia Clean for Fast and Confidential Meth Lab Cleanup

At Georgia Clean, we always put your safety first. We use tested, proven, and tried meth lab cleanup methods to decontaminate your home, apartment, or business and make it safe for inhabitation. All of our practices are based on the standards set forth by OSHA, as well as all local and state regulations.

Our experts provide 24/7 response and can typically be at your home or business within an hour. We are fast, extremely confidential, and will never interrogate you or make you feel uncomfortable.

If you are in Atlanta or Georgia, contact Georgia Clean today for confidential and fast meth lab cleanup by calling us at 770-766-4562 for immediate service.