Tear Gas Cleanup

Contrary to popular belief, tear gas is not a single product. In reality, it’s a combination of any of 15 different compounds to irritate the mucous membrane. Although tear gas can include a wide array of compounds, they are all designed to cause sneezing, temporary blindness, coughing, and tearing. The most typical types of tear gas used in the United States fall under the acronyms CS, CR, and CN.

At Georgia Clean, we provide expert tear gas cleanup solutions for all types of cleanup. While the type of tear gas deployed in your home or business may dictate the substances we use to perform the procedure, we ensure the results are the same: a clean home that is free of the remnants of tear gas.

The Tear Gas Cleanup Process

After your home or business has been contaminated with tear gas, it’s important to contact Georgia Clean as quickly as possible for remediation. Our professionals provide fast, effective, and discreet services to stop any further environmental or health damage. Our process is based on industry-leading, GA EPD approved methods. In addition, we strictly follow all other federal, state, and local regulations.

During the cleanup process, our staff always wears the proper protective gear! That includes a biohazard suit and a full-face respirator. Upon entry of your home or business, we will carefully remove all tear gas residue with industrial-strength cleaning equipment and chemicals. We use an industrial-grade vacuum! It has special filters to prevent the particles from escaping and being redistributed back into the air.

Depending on the type of tear gas used, upholstery, carpets, and other cloth-based furniture may need to be moved outside to be properly cleaned. We will meticulously clean all hard surfaces and disinfect everything to ensure your business or home is safe for habitation.

Different Types of Tear Gas

Our exact procedure for cleaning the area will be based on the type of tear gas used. Each type of tear gas requires specialized chemicals and cleaning equipment. The most common types of tear gas include:

  • CR tear gas is a fine powder suspended in a liquid, which is dispersed in the air. This type of tear gas can stay active on the surfaces in your home or business for up to two months. CR tear gas requires special cleaning.
  • CS tear gas isn’t actually a gas at room temperature. It’s a fine powder that can create a cloud in the air.  All the targets inhale this air. This type of tear gas is designed to sink into upholstery, clothing, backpacks, curtains, furniture, and all other objects in the area.
  • CN tear gas or Mace works at close range and it will stick to surfaces, including the skin.

Regardless of the type of tear gas used, we offer the expertise to effectively clean it and remove all traces from your home or business.

Trust Georgia Clean

Whether it’s a decomposing bodysuicide scenecrime scene, or tear gas decontamination scene, our professionals will always treat your home or place of business with respect. We will show up in a nondescript vehicle and in unmarked uniforms for the highest level of confidentiality.

Georgia Clean specializes in providing fast and effective solutions for all matters of hazard and biohazard removal. Our team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for emergencies and quick responses.

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