Undiscovered Death Cleanup

As sad as the situation may be, some people pass away without anyone knowing. If a body is left untouched for as little as a day, it will begin to decompose. Decomposition results in the release of bodily fluids, biological hazards, damaged property, and strong odors. As a matter of fact, it’s typically the strong pungent odor that alerts others that something has gone awry.

Georgia Clean offers 24/7 emergency services to businesses and residences with unattended death or body decomposition. Our goal is to provide discretion, professionalism, and an unparalleled level of compassion during this difficult period. Learn more about our undiscovered death cleanup services.

How Much Does Undiscovered Death Cleanup Cost?

Most of our customers with homeowner’s insurance have no out-of-pocket-costs. We have extensive experience submitting claims to insurance companies and helping customers navigate their way through the process. Instead of you having to worry about insurance claims, we handle everything.

Insurance typically provides coverage for:

  • The cost of our cleaning services.
  • The replacement cost for any contaminated items.
  • The cost of any items that must be removed or thrown away from your home.

We provide expert and comprehensive services to help you through the difficult period. In addition to providing our professional cleanup services, we have also compiled a list of resources for co-victims and surviving family members to help you through the difficult period.

What Is the Unattended Death Cleanup Process?

During the cleaning process, our skilled experts will carefully and meticulously remove all bodily fluids and traces of blood. We will also extract any clothing, furniture, or carpet that came in direct contact with the decomposing body. We always work to save your items that can be disinfected and decontaminated and minimize the amount of structure that needs to be removed.

If flies are present in the home, there is a high probability that there has been cross-contamination. The impacted area is extended when this occurs and needs to be addressed to ensure that all biohazards are remediated.

Our experts will provide you with a full detailed list of all of the items that were not salvageable. This same list will be provided to your insurance company so that they can reimburse you for those items.

The final step is to carefully deodorize the area. Georgia Clean uses a a revolutionary process to scrub the air which attacks the death odor-causing molecules in duct work, carpet fibers, sheet rock, upholstered furniture, air, and everywhere else. Before we leave the area, we make sure your home is well ventilated and all traces of the trauma are removed from the home.

Why Choose Georgia Clean?

Georgia Clean prides itself on offering confidentiality and a peace of mind. Before we allow anyone to enter your home, they are required to pass a rigorous background check and pass a pre-employment drug screen.

Georgia Clean is a fully accredited, bonded, and insured company that follows all of the guidelines set forth by OSHA, and all state and federal regulations. Our strict adherence to these regulations ensures our practices and your home are safe.

Because accidents never wait to happen, we provide 24/7 services to businesses and residents in Georgia, metro Atlanta and throughout Georgia. Our goal is to be there for you when you need us.

Contact Georgia Clean

Georgia Clean offers extensive experience in undiscovered death cleanup where decomposition has occurred. Our professionals understand the sensitivity of the matter and will always place your needs first.

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